Thursday, April 25, 2019

“BAALAA” in Theatres on 3rd May

There are many parents around us who still think that one cannot make a career in sports. By neglecting their child’s intrinsic love for sports, by insisting only on their academics, there are many parents who are jeopardising their child’s future. The movie ‘Baalaa’ which tells the story of one such child is being released on the 3rd of May. Producer Rakesh Singh has produced the movie under the banner of ‘Yash and Raj Entertainment’ while Sachindra Sharma has written and directed the movie.
In this movie ‘Baalaa’,we get to see the story of a boy who is passionate about cricket. Because of this passion he even leaves home. His father, a Police Inspector, is unable to find him. On the other hand does Bala fulfil his dream? And for that who helps him to achieve his goal? We see his struggle right from the time he leaves home till he gets selected for the cricket team. As the movie unfolds, we see the determination of cricket crazy Bala and his dreams, the movie tries to tell us that there is an inborn capacity in every child. The movie ‘Baalaa, tries to tell us that it is necessary that this capacity should be properly nurtured.
Along with stalwarts like Upendra Limaye, Kranti Redkar, Vikram Gokhale, Suhasini Mulay, Kamlesh Sawant, a new face Mihiresh Joshi makes his debut, likewise artistes Yashwardhan-Rajwardhan, Ashish Gokhale, Jyoti Tayde, Apeksha Deshmukh and Hiya Singh will also be seen in the film. Legendary cricketer,  Late Ajit Wadekar will be seen in a special role as a cricket coach.
Rakesh Singh who is producing ’Baalaa’, has produced a Bhojpuri film and many short films. Director Sachindra Singh has written and directed four series of ‘My Friend Ganesha’, he has also directed popular children’s films like ‘Bhoot Uncle’, ‘Bhoot As A Friend’ and ‘Mai Krishna Hoon’. With Baalaa’, both of them make their debut in Marathi films.
The film has songs sung by Sonu Nigam, Adarsh Shinde, Rohit Raut, Nihar Shembekar and Urmila Dangar. Lyrics by Vijay Gamre have been set to music by Mahesh-Rakesh. Cinematography is by R.R. Prince and editing by Abhijit Kundar. The choreography is by Vishnu Deva, Habiba Rehman and Phulwa Khamkar. Costumes are by Chaitrali Dongre.
The film ‘Baalaa’ is releasing in Theatres on 3rd May.

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