Monday, March 4, 2019


·         The dual tone flower patterns are especially designed to add simplicity and sophistication to modern kitchens
·         It is embedded with a heavy duty compressor that enables faster cooling and less energy consumption

India, March 01, 2019: Haier, the global leader in Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics and World’s Number 1 brand in Major Appliances for 10 Consecutive Years*, expanded its aesthetic portfolio by introducing an all new VCM finish range of direct cool refrigerators today.

Augmenting its existing star range of steel and glass finish Direct Cool refrigerators, Haier unlike any other brand in the category, has introduced a new line-up of floral-finish refrigerators with vibrant, glossy and eye catching designs in Blossom and Serenity patterns in Marine, Red and Black colours. The new VCM finish pattern is aesthetically designed to lend a premium finish with high gloss coating, keeping the customer’s needs and demands at heart, which is Haier’s core philosophy.

Blossom Pattern: The new blossom pattern in the DC range comes with an exquisite dual tone finish that easily makes it the most outstanding refrigerator in the category. The flower pattern is designed with black & red colours with a touch of mild yellow patch that can illuminate one’s kitchen scintillatingly.
Serenity Pattern: The serenity pattern is especially designed keeping in mind the freshness one requires during summers. The new category comes with floral patterns at the top and at the bottom of the refrigerator perfectly complementing vivid colours such as royal marine and peachy red.
The best in class line-up of Haier DC refrigerators not only blossoms the interiors of a kitchen but also makes it more efficient with its features like 1 Hour Icing technology and Diamond edge freezing technology (DEFT) that enable faster cooling, power saving and product longevity. DEFT not only helps in increasing the cooling retention in the fridge but also improves the overall performance of the refrigerator. The models are available in a wide storage capacity range of 190 & 195 litre models respectively.

In today’s age, when energy conservation is the need of the hour for a greener planet, the Indian government has introduced a plethora of policies for energy and power consumption. Haier India is committed in the endeavour to create an impact on increased energy conservation and has designed the new refrigerator range in 3 star, 4 star & 5 star models respectively.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Eric Braganza, President, Haier Appliances India said“Haier is dedicated in its endeavor to proactively create solutions for Indian consumers. With the launch of our new range of floral patterns in DC refrigerators, we are expanding our range of aesthetically designed products that complement the efficiency and style quotient of consumers across all forms of kitchens i.e. modern, traditional and contemporary. More importantly, Haier’s new range of refrigerators is customized to meet the needs of Indian consumers suffering from expensive power tariffs and helping them lower their power consumption. We atHaier, combine innovation with advanced technology to deliver optimal performance.”

It also features a special one hour icing technology, adept in making ice in just 60 minutes. Additionally, the refrigerators are also embedded with a thick PUF insulation and longer condenser coils for effective cooling. It has a thickness of 6.5 CM when compared with other conventional refrigerators in the industry with the thickness of just 5.5 CM. Not only this, the versatile DC runs without a stabilizer and the premium models in the range are equipped with base drawer where users can store the dry objects that don’t require cooling.

Price and availability: The new refrigerators are now available in the market and are priced as follows:

HRD-1903CMS-E| MRP: Rs. 16,300
HRD-1903CRS-E| MRP: Rs. 16,300
HRD-1903PRS-E| MRP: Rs. 17,700
HRD-1954CRS-E| MRP: Rs. 20,200
HRD-1954CKB-E| MRP: Rs. 20,200
HRD-1954CRB-E| MRP: Rs. 20,200
HRD-1955PKB-E| MRP: Rs. 21,800
HRD-1955PRB-E| MRP: Rs. 21,800

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