Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Nyassa Launches a wide range of Incense Sticks

As the festive season is around the corner let the fragrance be all around you with Nyassa’s wide range of Incense Sticks. The aromatic sticks can be used for various creative purposes, and in therapy, meditation, and ceremony. Incense Sticks are not only used for religious rituals across religions but also to surround your home with a tantalizing aroma that's soothing and calming.
Incense sticks by Nyassa are available in four different fragrances

§  Sacred Sandalwood
§  Divine Oudh
§  Majestic Rose
§  Night Blooming Jasmine

Burning Sandalwood Incense can benefit through relaxation, focus and cleansing. Divine Oudh gives you a deep, woody and intoxicating musky fragrance that lasts for long. Oudh is one of the most expensive fragrance and has been used for centuries in India. Surround your home with this heavenly and spirituous fragrance. Majestic Rose takes you to the journey of restoration an elevation to breathe deeply and slowly. Let the inimitable and romantic floral fragrance of roses transport you away from all the humdrum of daily life. Night Blooming Jasmine consists of beautiful deep notes of Jasmine that really captures the essence of India in this incense stick. The aroma of this rich floral scent has an intense soothing effect on the mind.
Nyassa’s wide range of incense sticks will surely take you away from the daily grind to distant fond memories.
Price Range- ₹300- ₹400
Available @Nyassa Stores and 

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