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GIBS 2018 “On the Horizon"

3rd Annual Congress on IC/BPS

Organized By: Global Interstitial Cystitis, Bladder Pain Syndrome Society
Over  the journey that started almost four years ago, the third annual conference GIBS 2018 has attained the new benchmark of glory by stepping into next level of science wherein world’s top most experts were invited to empower the meet by their deliberations  on “ the scientific content on the International Horizon presently, pertaining to subject IC/BPS”.   Their real time experiences and opinions have taken the science beneath this subject IC/BPS to its next scientific benchmark. 
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Global Interstitial Cystitis, Bladder Pain Society (GIBS) has successfully concluded its 3rdAnnual Scientific Conference on the subject IC/BPS- GIBS 2018 “ON THE HORIZON” held on 1st & 2nd Sep 2018, at  Mumbai. 

Objective was to enrich and strengthen the existing working principles as per the current International standards (“On the Horizon”) and take the plunge to innovative steps in the management of Bladder Pain Syndrome. GIBS aimed towards making this a happening subject for each clinician practicing the uniformly so that every agonized patient gets her/his due finally by the heightened awareness and the results of newer modalities. Earning the endorsement and support of below mentioned partners turned out to be a benchmark to accomplish this historic achievement. 

• Mumbai Urological Society
• Mumbai Obstetrics and Gynecological Society
• Mumbai College of Physicians and Surgeons 
• Swati Spentose Pvt Ltd (as Platinum and Diamond Partner)
• Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (as Gold Partner)

• Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (As Hospital Partner)

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SSPL CMD: Mr Vishal Jajodia       GIBS Chairman: Dr Rajesh Taneja GIBS Secretary: Dr Sanjay Pandey
The conference began with opening remarks by GIBS Chairman Dr Rajesh Taneja and special talk by CMD Swati Spentose Mr Vishal Jajodia on “Radical Innovations”, followed by small Video & Presentation on “Few Glimpses of GIBS Journey” presented by Dr Sanjay Pandey, Scientific secretary of GIBS. The conference honored by the presence of esteemed Chief Guest Dr Ajit Vaze (Eminent Urologist in Mumbai & President-Urological Society of India), Guest of Honor Dr Narmada Prasad Gupta ( Chairperson Medanta the Medicity Hopsital , Gurugram) and Presidents of
International and National Uro/Gyne societies as follows:

Proff. JJ Wyndaele : President: European International Society for the study of IC/BPS (ESSIC)
Dr Tomohiro Ueda: President:  International Consultation on Interstitial Cystitis Japan (ICICJ)
Dr Sandor Lovasz, Director IC BPS, Hungary, 
Dr Rajeev Sood: Past President of Urological Society of India and Dean, postgraduate institute of medical sciences (PGIMER) and RML Hospital, Delhi. 
Dr  JG Lalmalani : President of Mumbai Urological Society 
Dr Bipin Pandit : President of Mumbai Obstetrics and gynecological society

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GIBS 2018 souvenir containing abstracts presented during the conference by the enthusiastic IC BPS experts and GIBS working guidelines for physicians to manage IC /BPS in India was released during the conference. Social Entrepreneur “Mr Vishal Jajodia”, also the CMD of Swati Spentose private limited actively participated and interacted with the faculty and delegates.  His role in pushing the science behind the IC/BPS was well acknowledged during the conference 

Proceedings of the first day Scientific Sessions were telecast live as a webinar across the Globe. More than 200 viewers logged in and actively participated in the webinar.  

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The feature that made GIBS a truly international level meeting was the presence of  Esteemed Presidents of International IC Societies who has travelled long distance all over the world to India to deliver their views on what is the on the International Horizon as of today pertaining to the subject IC/BPS. 
Case Based panel discussions, Patient interactive session & Release of GIBS 2018 Souvenir were the main attractions of the event. Entire Patient’s session was the unique session, where Patients came from different cities of India has shared the misery they have been through and how they got relief of their symptoms after proper treatment.

The event brought together more than 120 “Thought leaders” (Urologists, Gynecologists & Pain therapist) from all over India and world to exchange the insights & their experiences on the treatment of disease. Several unprecedented discussions were made on topics like Practical Implication of IC/BPS in Gyne Practice, Bladder Microbiome & Autoimmune disorders, Diagnostic Tools & Treatment “On the Horizon”, Anatomy & Pathophysiology of GAG Layer.  The major emphasis was given on pain management in IC/BPS patients in Indian Context. .
The feedback from the 120 strong delegation that attended GIBS with excitement and an urge to learn something new on this evolutionary subject was truly overwhelming. Each one has expressed a renewed commitment towards the treatment of these unfortunate patients after they reach back to their geographic areas of clinical practice which spanned the dimensions of the country. Participants found GIBS the best interactive platform to further knowledge and to know latest about subject by sharing experiences and difficulties with other brilliant brains/specialists working on subject.
Panel has announced the dates for next GIBS Conference as 24th & 25th August 2019, Mumbai, with theme “Beyond Horizon”.  More than 30attendees registered themselves on the spot for the next annual meet. 
All stake holders are requested to visit GIBS website for more information. We urge you to not only support our initiative in various ways, but also disseminate the necessary information to all the patients and doctors alike.

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