Friday, September 8, 2017

Singapore Tourism Board and Singapore Economic Development Board launch ‘Passion Made Possible’ Brand for Singapore

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Mumbai, 7 September 2017 – The Singapore Tourism Board  
unveiled today to the Indian audiences the country’s unified brand, “Passion Made Possible”. This is the first time that the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) have come together to develop a unified brand to market Singapore internationally for tourism and business purposes. The agencies are taking a bold move to put forth Singapore’s unique attitude and mindset: a passion-driven, never-settling spirit of determination and enterprise that constantly pursues possibilities and reinvention.

Over the last five decades, Singapore has built a strong reputation as a global business and tourism hub, recognised for its quality infrastructure, safety, stability, connectedness and accessibility. However, global competition to attract tourists and investments has intensified, and the media landscape has become more crowded and complex. Visitors have become more discerning in their travel choices, seeking to immerse themselves in cultures and build deeper connections with destinations, while international businesses want to create new solutions that make a difference. The unified brand thus aims to communicate the country’s value proposition in addressing the needs of travellers and companies, and help Singapore stand out on the international stage.

Mr GB Srithar, Regional Director – South Asia Middle East & Africa (SAMEA) of the STB announced the official launch of the brand in India. He said, “With Passion Made Possible, STB and EDB are presenting a brand that can tell a fuller Singapore story beyond just tourism. The brand articulates what we stand for as a country and supports the telling of many stories about this destination and its people. It brings to the international audiences stories from Singapore through the voices of Singaporeans. We are happy and humbled by the fact that Singapore remains a highly popular travel destination among Indian travellers. We welcomed a record 1.1 million visitors from India in 2016. The unveiled brand will allow us to build a deeper and more personal connection between Singapore and our fans and friends in India, even when they are not actively thinking about travel. It is in line with Quality Tourism as it will appeal to the more sophisticated tourists who are seeking more aspirational value propositions in their travel.”

Singapore is Passion Made Possible
In the development of the unified brand, STB and EDB had embarked on qualitative and quantitative research with close to 4,500 respondents on what Singapore stands for, reaching out to residents, industry stakeholders, and international audiences in Singapore and across ten (10) countries, including India.

Passion Made Possible was derived to capture the spirit of the nation in a way that builds affinity, affiliation and top-of-mind recall for choosing Singapore as a destination to visit and invest in.  Passion Made Possible is the embodiment of the country’s track record and tenacity to fulfil passions and continually create new possibilities.

The Passion Made Possible Campaign in India
Following its debut, Passion Made Possible will be unveiled in various cities worldwide through consumer launches, trade events, industry partnerships, and global marketing campaigns featuring campaign films and visuals to bring to life how Singapore is Passion Made Possible.

Yuemin Li-Misra (Ms), Area Director, South Asia (New Delhi) said, “We have lined up a multi-faceted brand promotional campaign to reach out to audiences across India. This includes a comprehensive multi-modal media campaign, on-ground consumer and trade-facing events and roadshows, stories by influential Indian public figures experiencing Singapore with our local brand personalities, and collaborations with strategic trade partners to promote brand-related travel packages to Singapore.”

GB Srithar added, “STB has been fortunate in having many travel agent and airline partners collaborating with us over the years to bring Singapore’s offerings and experiences to the Indian travellers. Working closely with these trade friends is an integral part of our tourism promotion work. We are delighted to continue our strong partnership with trade partners to bring Passion Made Possible closer to the hearts and minds of the Indian consumers and entice them to travel to Singapore. Indian travellers will then have their own Passion Made Possible in Singapore stories to share with their family and friends.”

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