Friday, May 5, 2017

The Premier Destination for Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Leaders

I&O is no longer “IT support” — it’s the engine that drives digital business

Digital is transforming more than just the enterprise. It’s making traditional infrastructure and operations models obsolete, challenging I&O leaders to bring fresh ideas that deliver business outcomes.
As an I&O leader you must play the role of an enabler—embracing agile deployment models that include cloud, containers and micro services, managing an explosion of data, and achieving ever-rising service levels. You must be an influencer—working in a collaborative culture built on new business relationships and financial acumen. Most of all, you must be a transformer—laying the foundation for the vast digital ecosystem and virtualized data center of the future.

Join us at the Gartner Infrastructure, Operations & Data Center Summit 2017, 4-5 May in Mumbai, and reinvent your I&O role to become a key driver in the transformation of your organization and position yourself @ the core of change.
The IT Infrastructure, Operations & Data Center Conference is designed for individuals in the following roles:
IT Operations & Faciliies
Servers, Storage & Backup/Recovery
Mobile, Cloud & Desktop Virtuaization
Data Center Networking

What You Will Learn

  • Rethink traditional paradigms. Take an outside-in approach to IT operations strategies across people, technology and processes.
  • Keep ahead of change. Evaluate emerging trends and assess when to incorporate them into your critical planning.
  • Learn more about DevOps: how to get started, how to scale and how to drive the right cultural changes required for success. ​
  • Discover the best ways to standardize and automate cloud services.
  • Ensure data security and privacy are aligned to your Cloud and DevOps initiatives.
  • Prepare for the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT). Focus on critical concerns such as scale and capacity, data analytics, service management, automation and more
  • Maximize the relevance of IT operations. Effectively link business and IT strategies and deepen the relationship with the business.
  • See how to use Algorithmic IT Operations platforms (AIOps) to provide new insight into both business execution and IT operations.
  • Embrace new strategies to meet the challenges of talent management within a rapidly changing IT operations environment.

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