Friday, January 6, 2017

dittoTV brings the two most awaited Football tournaments this January


Catch the I-League and EFL live and on-the-go on TEN Sports on dittoTV

January 5, 2017 (Mumbai): Over the past decade, the popularity of football tournaments nationally and internationally has paved the way for growing the fan base of the sport in India. It has also resulted into a tremendous increase in football viewership, making it one of the most followed sport in the country.

In response to this growing trend, dittoTV has brought together the most anticipated Indian league- the I-League to its platform. The championship will kick-start with a fierce competition between East Bengal and Aizawl FC at 4.30 PM, followed by Bengaluru FC and Shillong Lajong FC at 7.00 PM on January 7. This year, the I-League will also witness the entry of newcomers Minerva FC and Chennai City FC in an action-packed match on Sunday, January 8 at 4.30 PM. The widely followed EFL that kicked off in 2016 is gearing up for it’s semi-final, with two highly awaited matches. Manchester United will compete with Hull City on January 11, followed by Southampton v/s Liverpool on January 12.

Youth being the chief driving force of the country, has largely influenced the growth of football as a sport in India. Since television viewing in India is traditionally subject to the preference of the older generation, young football fanatics find themselves resorting to online sports portals and live television platforms to keep up with the latest updates on their favourite sport. Consequently, international football leagues boast of an impressive rise in the number of viewers on multiple digital platforms in India, including dittoTV.

As most international matches are aired late in the night, youth residing in hostels or in single TV households often miss out on their favourite matches. However, with platforms such as dittoTV, they can watch these matches at their convenience, on any internet enabled device.

The I-League commences on January 7 at 4.30 PM, while the Semi-Final of EFL kicks off on January 11 at 1.30 AM, followed by a match on January 12 at 1.15 AM. dittoTV subscribers can tune into Ten 1 HD to watch the matches live. The platform is available on Android and iOS platforms. The subscription charge for one month is INR 20.

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