Monday, October 3, 2016

Revital H Woman launches ‘Healthy Conversations’ initiative to bring the health of Indian women in focus


This initiative aims to reach over 2 million women in India

MUMBAI, 3rd October, 2016 – Sun Pharma’s Global Consumer Healthcare business today announced the launch of Revital H Woman’s ‘Healthy Conversations’ initiative in India. This unique initiative aims to initiate a conversation about women’s health, its impact on the health of their family and overall society and encourage women to understand their health requirements. Revital-H Woman’s Healthy Conversations will reach out to women across 20 cities in India. Revital-H Woman has created a special digital platform to reach over 2 million women in three months.

In today’s urban India, women juggle between multiple responsibilities both inside and outside home. Often they end up ignoring their own health while taking care of their loved ones and fulfilling professional commitments. Importantly, most of them don’t realize that they are at risk as they are not leading a healthy lifestyle. Expert recommendations play an important role in educating women to understand their health needs and encourage them to bring a positive change in their dietary & lifestyle habits.
Through the Healthy Conversations initiative, Revital H Woman will encourage women to interact with expert nutritionists to understand and address their nutritional needs. Participating women will take an online health test at to know their current Health Quotient. As part of this initiative, every participant can avail a free diet chart and nutritionist consultation through an online chat. Revital H Woman has partnered with Lybrate, an online doctor consultation platform, to create a seamless experience for consumers participating in ‘Healthy Conversations’ initiative. This collaboration with Lybrate ensures that a team of professional nutritionists, on the Lybrate platform, will be available to provide online consultation to all participants.
Speaking at the launch of Healthy Conversations initiative, Mr Subodh Marwah, Business Head, Global Consumer Healthcare, Sun Pharma said, “Women’s health is an ignored subject in this country. Women play the most important role in shaping the health of family and society. In a single day women balance both household and work related responsibilities with utmost efficiency which often leaves them tired and fatigued and certainly leaves no time for them to take care of their health needs. Improper eating habits and lack of a balanced diet due to hectic lifestyles are a common phenomenon now. Biological changes and social pressure for staying visibly slim often exaggerate the nutritional deficiency in urban Indian women. Through the Revital H Woman’s ‘Healthy Conversations’ initiative, we wish to make women understand that if they are healthy, they can keep their loved ones healthy and address their health needs through structured and expert led conversations and become a holistic good health partner for these women in everyday life.”
Speaking on the occasion of campaign launch Bollywood Actor and Revital H Woman’s brand ambassador, Ms Sonali Bendre said, “Today women are going that extra mile to test their capabilities and abilities both professionally & personally.  However, in the process they often ignore their own health. Given the hectic and active lifestyle that we all live and struggle with, it is essential to ensure that our body gets the right amount of nutrition. It’s important for every woman to desire a healthy and balanced life and I am happy that Revital H Woman has taken this initiative to bring attention to the growing nutritional gap in Indian women’s daily diet. I am delighted to be associated with this brand and the initiative and look forward to work towards making women understand and address their health needs.”

Revital H Woman is a Daily Health Supplement which has been specially formulated for women, keeping in mind their special needs. Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients to keep the body healthy. However, due to multiple reasons like hectic lifestyles, improper cooking and consuming methods, imbalanced diet, deficiency of nutrients in soil, etc. one is unable to get these nutrients in required quantities. Revital H Woman supplements the diet, hence contributes to well-being of women.

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