Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) presents taste, textile and fashion event at the MAKE IN INDIA WEEK

 New Delhi, February 10, 2016: In keeping with the Government of India’s initiative to showcase the prowess of the country’s robust manufacturing sector, the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, in collaboration with the FDCI will host ‘Weaves of Banaras’ as part of the Make in India Week.

Conceptualised and executed by the FDCI, the show will celebrate the crafts of Banaras, its luxurious weaves and the vivacious skills of the weavers, hoping to give viewers a phenomenal experience. FDCI will soon announce the coveted list of designers participating at the fashion show.
Amitabh Kant, Secretary DIPP Government of India, "Banaras is not merely the fountain head of civilisation but of textile, fabric and weaving. In Banaras the master craftsmen weave magic and create the most exquisite pieces using Indian colours and design. Weaves of Banaras is a once in a lifetime show bringing together India's finest contemporary designers highlighting its traditional strengths."

Sunil Sethi, President, FDCI said, “We would like to express our gratitude to Amitabh Kant, Secretary DIPP, Ministry of Commerce & Industry for giving FDCI a coveted opportunity to collaborate with them at this prestigious platform. FDCI is appreciative of the filial allegiance of the ITC Hotels to this initiative and would also like to thank Sunil V for his support."

He further adds, "We assure that the audience will be riveted by the charms of the Banarasi weaves created by FDCI designers. It is an honour to contribute to the ‘Make in India’ movement which is now gaining momentum.”

V Sunil, Director- Motherland Joint Ventures & Creative Director - Make in India Initiative," Make in India week- and Make in India in general - is about showcasing what India has to offer. But it is also about packaging India's tremendous potential in a way that is relevant to the India's global partners and India's youth. Weaves of Banaras show is great example of this repackaging: the unrivalled artistry of Banaras, reimagined by our country's foremost creative minds."

A non-profit organisation, the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), is the apex body of fashion design in India, represented by over 350 members. Founded on the premise of promoting, nurturing and representing the best of fashion and design talent in the country; its prime objective is to propagate the business of fashion. FDCI stays true to its commitment to promote the 'Make in India' label as handlooms take center stage, in a country, who's heritage is soaked in the flavours of indigenous crafts.    Website:

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