Tuesday, October 20, 2015

HICARE launches mosquito control service to keep you Dengue Free!

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Hicare introduces the first of its kind mosquito control service!
Dengue is a disease caused by a family of viruses that are transmitted by mosquito bites. It is quite impossible to distinguish which type of mosquito is responsible for spreading of dengue. Therefore its necessary to be careful at all times by ensuring that you get rid of all types of mosquitoes. Hicare, India’s leading pest management services company has introduced India’s 1st WHO (World Health Organisation) approved and highly advanced EPK based mosquito control service to keep your homes free from mosquitoes and your family safe from dengue. Hicare offers professional and scientific pest solutions for homes and office spaces.
While mosquito repellants are one of the first ideas that come to your mind, they are not the only and best way to prevent dengue mosquito from biting you. They only make you a less easy target to be bitten by the mosquito. So if mosquito repellants are not sufficient, what is your alternative?
Hicare has devised a comprehension Mosquito control Service to keep your homes safe from Dengue mosquitoes. It is based on advanced EPK Treatment, which stands for Exclusion of mosquito breeding sources, Prevention of Larvae growth and Killing of adult mosquitoes. The benefits of EPK service are that it uses WHO (World Health Organisation) approved actives, is odourless and is completely safe for you and your family members. Its effect lasts for 60 days and it comes with a discounted price at Rs 1,499*.
Hicare’s pest control service will ensure a complete wipe-out of mosquitoes from your home. You can sign a contract with Hicare for one time or annual treatment plan to keep your abode mosquito free. With the use of world-class and highly advanced technical expertise, Hicare is known to provide a global standard of pest control services that is Safe, Healthy and Trust Worthy to the Indian customers.
HICARE Expert Mosquito Control Service is available in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Chennai.
                                                    Helpline No Mumbai Code- (022) +3988 9988

For Booking online and more info, visit: http://www.hicare.in/campaign_dengue/

About Hicare:
Hicare is amongst the largest and finest pest control companies in India for both residential and commercial services. With a presence in over 50 cities, it is India’s only HACCP Certified Pest Control Service Provider employing highest levels of safety and hygiene for the consumers and the technicians alike. Hicare is backed by one of the top private equity firms India Value Fund Advisors (IVFA).

Facts about Dengue by HICARE:
Preventive Measures: Dengue, the dreaded and dangerous disease has made a comeback this season. Here are simple measures you can take to prevent it. Remove Stagnant Water; make sure that there is no stagnant water in and around your house. Dengue is transmitted by the bite of the Aedes mosquito that breeds in stagnant water. Remove all water containers – flower pots, trays, etc which hold stagnant water. Get rid of all the trash, If stagnant water is dangerous, than trash is double trouble. Throw out all the things that you don’t need, specially wet thrash. Keep your dustbin clean and make sure the lid is always closed. Such areas provide good hiding and resting places for mosquitoes. Use Mosquito Net, mosquito nets are here to the rescue. Use of Mosquito nets will help people sleep peacefully at night.Just make sure there are no holes big enough for any of them to enter. Use Mosquito Repellent Creams, Apply it once and Avoid vicious mosquito bites, Mosquito Repellent Spray, Sometimes mosquito repellent creams are not an option because some of us have extremely sensitive skin and mosquito nets, as mentioned, can be quite inconvenient. Reload your mosquito repellent spray ammo and get ready to banish those heartless pests. Call for Pest Control, no matter how clean you keep your home, how regular you are with your repellent cream, sprays and mosquito net, mosquitoes always seem to find a way back to your home and eventually, you. That is why you need to be a step ahead of these pests. Call for Hicare pest control. Have them check your home for mosquitoes.
7 Alarming Facts that you didn’t know about Dengue Mosquito: Dengue mosquito breeds in fresh water. So even if your surroundings are clean, you run a risk of being bitten by dengue mosquito. You actually run a higher risk of being bitten by a dengue mosquito. The species of mosquitoes that spreads dengue is called Aedes and they usually attack during the day time. So you need to stay protected from dengue virus that can be transmitted to your body at all hours of the day. Dengue mosquitoes are most active in warmer climates, usually August – October. They can’t breed in temperatures lower than 16 degrees. Stay in cooler environments to protect yourself if there is a dengue outbreak in your area Female dengue mosquitoes lay several eggs at one time in fresh water. They look for water filled containers in homes to lay these eggs which can hatch and cause a massive dengue episode in your family and neighbourhood. Another interesting fact about female mosquitoes is they only bite humans for the purpose of breeding their eggs. Male mosquitoes will never suck on your blood! Mosquitoes, including dengue mosquitoes prefer to bite below the elbow or the knee. It would be a smart move to keep these parts of your body covered at all times. Dengue mosquitoes can fly a very long distance at one stretch. So if you have heard of a dengue case reported even remotely close to your area, it is reason enough to be alarmed and time to think on ways of how to prevent dengue mosquito from biting you!
Call for Hicare pest control. Have them make your home mosquitoes free. For Booking online and more info, visit: http://www.hicare.in/campaign_dengue/

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