Friday, October 30, 2015

Anchor – Domina Plus Home Automation

Anchor recently unveiled “Domina Plus Home Automation” from Ave Spa Italy:  A completely scalable system for the residential automation.
Independence is a state of our mind. Anchor Electricals celebrates this spirit through a unique solution designed for comfort, installation safety and operational security. Introducing ‘Domina Plus’, the new age home automation solution from Ave Spa Italy.

Imagine the room lights switching off automatically as you take an exit or control the lights in your kitchen, while you watch your favourite television soap in the living room. Future comes with the promise of expanding the range to suit the changing lifestyle. Offering state-of-the-art controls through I-Pad, Smartphones & world-wide web, Domina Plus will be the true delight for your family


·         ‘Domina Plus’ ensures safe installation of all of the electrical accessories.
·         Equipped with feather-touch interface
·         Enhanced aesthetics and stylish designs for all of the accessories,
·         It can be customized to meet all the automation needs of a dream home.

Panasonic is a global leader in Automation Solutions. The company has products for a customer in every space. Anchor initially marketed Panasonic PIR sensors, Heat and Smoke Alarms and a lighting control system for residential lighting. While the PIR (Passive Infrared Sensors are still being used we have replaced the lighting control system with advanced Domina Plus from Ave spa Italy that is scalable and compatible with AVE Sistema 44 Wiring Devices again promoted exclusively by Anchor in India. Panasonic’s advanced technology has made it possible to turn a footlight into a solution for a premise such as a staircase in the dark. The Footlight from Panasonic Vision Switches and Accessories can identify movement up to 10 metres and automatically lights up the path upon detection of movement.

Anchor markets the top end “Domina Plus” advanced lighting control system for upscale residences from Ave, Italy. The new Domina Plus offers flexibility with lighting control enabling Dimming, Motorized curtain/windows controls, System monitoring using touch screen and Timer controls, etc. One can further customize the system with scalable functionalities such as Fan on & off control,  AC control, controls using I Pad, Ip camera control etc. It uses the Ave Batibus protocol for facilitating communication exchange.

Additionally Anchor’s basket of products also includes standalone products from its powerful parent Panasonic such as Motion (PIR) sensors. Some of its wiring devices products also are equipped with sensors to make them standalone solutions for a home such as Panasonic Vision Footlight.

Anchor's current Automation basket includes stand-alone products from Panasonic such as Motion Sensors (working on PIR technology), Video-Door Phones, Living Light Controller and FULL-2WAY Remote Lighting Control System for Commercial and Large Scale Automation.

Anchor's assortment of Automation Solutions has steadily soared in the last few years. Panasonic is a global leader in home and office automation solutions and Anchor is leveraging Panasonic's expertise in the said vertical.

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