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Representing the multi-cultural beauty of women across the globe, Vogue Eyewear launches the Fashion Story #3 Collection dedicated to and inspired by its three new Muses, the Indian actress Deepika Padukone, the Brazilian model Adriana Lima, and the Chinese actress Liu Shishi. This collection translates local and global fashions into a unique visual language that communicates the essence of Vogue Eyewear: aspirational, contemporary glamour defined by dynamic women who wear it and take pride in their style! Indeed this Fashion Story #3 is inspired by the culture of each Muse that comes to life through three distinct internal patterns. The filigree of the lustrous aqua green of Indian Jade decorate the three styles inspired by Deepika Padukone, the exotic and tropical blooms define the three styles autographed by Adriana Lima and delicate blossoms inspire the styles dedicated to Liu Shishi .

The glamourous and world-renowned Indian celebrity Deepika Padukone, has inspired three key styles from the collection. DeepikaⳠmesmerizing persona represents the multifaceted character of Vogue Eyewear women as both an epitome of timeless beauty and a self-aware woman with a proud sense of individual style.
Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural fabric and natural beauty of her native India, the Fashion Story #3 Texture Collection explores exquisite textures and colors of Indian art, transforming symbolic Indian patterns into sublime elements of universal eyewear design. The collection reinterprets intricate filigree, which evokes a sense of joy, freedom and energy and the distinctive green of Indian Jade representing optimism, zest for life and enhanced creativity through innovative high quality finishes, harmonious lines and modern shapes.

From timeless elegance to playful, fashionable looks, this intriguing capsule collection reveals how Vogue Eyewear constantly expands its expressive repertoire to frame the multifaceted gaze of cosmopolitan women who love to play with the latest trends. This is the global soul of contemporary fashion from India, with love.


VO 2991S

Inspired by the sensual beauty of Deepika Padukone, this flattering shape combines glamorous volumes with fine, symbolic patterns and high quality finishes for modern women who love to play with complementary dualities. The light nylon fiber frame flaunts bold monotone frontals and geometric temples enhanced with the intricate filigree pattern, as well as 떏GUE EYEWEAR INSPIRED BY DEEPIKA PADUKONE렯n the inside of the right temple. A 5-color palette offers two classic monotone SKUⳠin black or havana and 3 trendy seasonal tones, including red, blue and the lustrous aqua green, which are combined with pink, lilac and dark violet motifs for a superlative, high resolution finish.

VO 3981

Refined forms, complementary contrasts and intriguing patterns characterize this fine style for smart, fashion-conscious women. Inspired by the multi-faceted character of the actress, Deepika Padukone, this modern metal optical shape features sophisticated matt and brushed metal frontals paired with sleek geometric temples in lightweight nylon fiber for all-day style. Two classic color ways, including all black and a pale gold/havana combination frame, offer versatile style, while three seasonal tones including the distinctive aqua green欠are enhanced with an exclusive filigree design and the capsule collection 떏GUE EYEWEAR INSPIRED BY DEEPIKA PADUKONE렯n the inside of the right temple, to provide up-to-date alternatives for women who love to play with color. For Vogue Eyewear style that evokes the beauty of contemporary vision with a global soul.
VO 2795S

In line with the multi-cultural origins of the beautiful Muses represented in the 2015 Vogue Eyewear campaign, a strong emphasis on the unique, trendy shape of truly global style evolves this phantos sun shape into an ambassador of cosmopolitan glamour. Soft, feminine profiles and slender tapered temples feature intriguing night blue color enhanced with Indian-inspired print inside and the capsule collection 떏GUE EYEWEAR INSPIRED BY DEEPIKA PADUKONE렯n the inside of the right temple. This translates the playful core of Vogue Eyewear style into a look that is as fresh and unforgettable as the beauty of contemporary women, wherever they may be in the world. The lightweight nylon fiber frame offers a comfortable, superlative finish, while high quality gradient lenses in alluring complementary shades guarantee a total look for uncompromisingly stylish, protected vision. Available in Asian Fit.

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