Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Pantene Brand Ambassador Anushka Sharma

“I switched to the new, best ever Pantene for my best ever hair!”
says New Pantene Brand Ambassador Anushka Sharma
The New Best Ever Pantene Is World’s First to Penetrate beyond Hair’s Surface to Work Deep at Hair’s Core
Superstar and new Pantene brand ambassador Anushka Sharma launched the new best ever Pantene range of shampoos and conditioners which penetrates to the core of the hair to give women their best ever hair, which is stronger inside and shinier outside.
To attest this also present was and celebrity hairstylist and  Hair Expert Bianca Hartkopf.

Mumbai, July 29, 2015: Leading shampoo brand Pantene on Wednesday brought Bollywood actress and new Pantene brand ambassador Anushka Sharma on stage to launch their new best ever formulation which restores and maintains hair health from the core. This breakthrough – which is the world’s first to work at the core for stronger, shinier hair – will give women their best ever hair. Flaunting her best ever tresses the actor stated how she started endorsing the brand only after she herself saw how the new shampoo & conditioner strengthened her hair from within making her hair stronger inside and shinier outside!
Talking about switching to Pantene, the actress said, “Today’s girls like me love experimenting with our hair! While we love to experiment, this often means compromising the hair’s health. That’s where the new best ever Pantene comes in. When Pantene approached me with what they claimed to be their best ever range of shampoos and conditioners I had to ensure that it was truly living up to its claim. The guys at Pantene assured me that my hair would be stronger and shinier from the first wash and that’s exactly what I saw. From the first wash I saw my hair texture improve and with every hair wash it just gets better! The Pantene shampoo and conditioner seeps into my hair, penetrating to the core and making my hair strong and healthy inside and shinier outside! I am now no longer concerned about split-ends or hair fall.”
She further adds, “Even at the end of long shoots, crazy schedules and all that styling, my hair looks great. The best ever Pantene erases the damage of 100 blow-dries, allows you to try 30 styles in just as many days, and stands up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit heat.  I’m glad to have switched to Pantene as it’s surely given me my best ever hair!”
Also present was celebrity hair stylist and Hair Expert Bianca Hartkopf who showed support adding, “Being a hair stylist I’m constantly on the lookout for products which not just give you outer shine but nourish your hair from within. I do not believe in temporary fixes and that’s what wowed me with the new best ever Pantene. Most people think conditioners aren’t important but the new best ever Pantene conditioners show you exactly how important they are! When the conditioners are used in conjunction with the shampoos your hair doesn’t just look great but your hair gets stronger and healthier from within.  Only when your hair is strong can it look shiny and then styling it in any look becomes easy and damage-free!” 
The secret behind the new best ever Pantene range is that it is equipped with the revolutionary Pro-V formula technology which restores hair strength and shine from within. Unlike other products that address only the outer 5% of the hair fiber, new Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blockers and Histidine, goes deep inside the hair shaft – to the cellular level – to work on the remaining 95% where damaging impurities exist. As the impurities build up over time, hair starts to weaken. Hair feels rough and becomes less manageable, and visibly loses its depth of colour and natural shine. Histidine is being added across Pantene’s new Pro-V formulas. When used in conjunction with Pantene’s shampoos, which feature EDDS Keratin Damage-Blocking technology, the system works in different parts of the hair shaft to prevent and repair damage on the surface and at the core of hair. Pantene pushes to innovate their formulations because Pantene knows that when your hair is strong on the inside a more beautiful you shines through.

The new best ever Pantene range is now available across all stores.

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