Saturday, June 13, 2015

Celebrate ‘National Bourbon Day’ with Jim Beam Cocktails


Mumbai, 12th June, 2015:- Bourbon Whiskey has been around for hundreds of years. The National Bourbon Day (June 14) is an observance that calls for celebration of bourbon as America’s ‘Native Spirit’. To cheer in your celebrations, Jim Beam, World’s number one bourbon, brings three delicious Signature Bourbon cocktails for you to prepare at home.

Derived straight from the Kentucky region, these refreshing cocktails promise a blend of rich colours and flavours. Cocktail lovers can take their pick from drinks like Jim SparklerBeam Orange Mist and Bourbon Cooler.

Jim SparklerIngredients:
Jim Beam                                                             60ml
Lemonade                                                          60ml
Soda                                                                      120ml

In a Collins Glass filled with ice pour Jim Beam, Lemonade and soda. Release Oils from an orange peel, drop and serve

Bourbon CoolerJim Beam                                                                             60ml
Lime Juice                                                                           30ml
Ginger Ale                                                                           90ml
Freshly Cut Cucumber                                                1 slice

In a tall glass filled with cube ice measure Jim Beam, Lime juice and top with ginger ale. Cut a fresh slice of cucumber and place into the drink and serve

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