Saturday, April 4, 2015

Summer Leadership Programme at The Doon School Dehradun

'The service project was an eye opener for our children’, a parent of a student in 2014 

Dehradun 04 April 2015 – The Doon School, India’s pre eminent boarding school and alma mater of stalwarts like Rajiv Gandhi and Amitav Ghosh amongst many others has announced its Residential Summer Doon Leadership Programme from 1st June to 15th June, 2015 at The Doon School’s beautiful estate in Dehradun, India.  The programme is open for all aspiring young boys and girls aged 14 - 18 years in grades 9-12 from all over India and across the globe.

Benchmarked with the world’s leading youth leadership programmes, this dynamic and thought provoking course will be a blend of Socratic dialogues, experiential learning, motivational lectures, outdoor activity and adventure sports. A critically important element will be social service and social responsibility, and their relationship with leadership. This programme will ensure that boys and girls receive a profound understanding of what successful leadership is all about and what is required to demonstrate it in the twenty-first century in the context to developing society and an increasingly globalized world.
“The Doon School has long been associated with innovative thinking and leadership and is passionate about being at the forefront of educational opportunity for its students. The Summer at Doon leadership programme seeks to create a very special experience and will be an invaluable preparation not only for leadership roles in the future, but also for college and university studies at top institutions worldwide”, said Dr Peter McLaughlin, Headmaster, The Doon School.
The course opened in 2014 and received rave reviews. A past parent has said, ‘Thank you for making my daughter a more confident and better version of herself...’  One of the students commented, ‘I am far more confident and don’t depend upon people around me to complete my daily tasks anymore’.
The course will be taught by specialist staff from Aspire, in conjunction with the teaching community from The Doon School.
For more details about the programme, email Ms Abia Qezilbash or Tel. +91-(0)135-2526516 and view the

The Doon School offers the Indian School Certificate and the IB at Class 11 and 12. Indian boys apply from all over India and from outside of the country. The school specializes in being an all boys’ boarding school and boys apply to top universities in India as well as Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada as well as Russell Group universities in the UK and Ivy League and well known liberal arts and colleges in the US.
Boys also take part in an extensive student exchange programme with schools from Australia and Singapore to the UK and US.
The school has a whole school approach to social service and leadership within its curriculum. Its alumni feature past pupils who have made their mark in all areas of professional life, from politics to the arts. The school launched its ‘Summer at Doon Leadership’ programme in June 2014 and an academically intensive programme for Decemeber 2014 titled ‘Winter at Doon with King’s College London’ has just been established.
The Doon School is in membership of HMC and the International Boys School Coalition.

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