Sunday, March 15, 2015

GrowthEnabler democratizes world – leading advice for start – ups and SMB’s

A unique and affordable platform for Wantepreneurs, Start – ups and SMERounded Rectangle: How is GrowthEnabler unique?
1. A platform that allows members to have direct access to advisors and mentors
2. Seasoned professionals from differed fields and sectors from across the globe
3. Allows members to access the Key Decision Matrix at a very affordable fee
4. DEMOCRATIC model, easily accessed by anyone anytime (using mobile and online collaboration technologies). 
March 9, Mumbai: GrowthEnabler (, a unique online mentoring and advisory platform for startups, today announced the launch of its services in India. An innovative technology enabled virtual platform, GrowthEnabler aims to provide entrepreneurs and SMBs with world-leading business and personal growth advice alongwith key decision making tools that are relevant, practical and affordable – for those who seek it most.

Founded by Rajeev Banduni, Aftab Malhotra, and Lars Villebaek, former executives from Gartner, GrowthEnabler has partnered with over 25 advisors, who are former CXOs and Senior Executives of renowned global companies, 15 key advisors, who are experts in their field, and 20 clients (globally) – and growing at a rapid rate. The platform intends to provide democratic access to world leading global (and local) advice and insights (tools, templates, frameworks) that have been successfully used by large corporates, startups and affluent investors.

Encouraged by the tremendous entrepreneurial talent in India and armed with an objective to redefine the way entrepreneurs access world leading growth advice, will offer its services to people and businesses across the world, using smart online collaboration and e-mentoring tools such as video, webinars and webcasts. GrowthEnabler is creating a paradigm shift in the way advice is delivered to those who seek it most – who they refer to as the ‘other 95%’.

Speaking at the launch, Rajeev Banduni, CEO, GrowthEnabler   said “There are as many as 100,000 companies opening up every year in India. These cover businesses across a variety of industries – everything from business services to food and entertainment. Every business aspires to grow and succeed, and need the right level of competence, confidence and capability to achieve their full potential. What staggered us most was that currently there is a huge untapped opportunity to provide world leading growth advice, that is relevant, practical and affordable – and can be accessed by anyone, anywhere at a click of a button.

The Indian startup and SMB market today has incredible growth potential, where every growing demand far outstrip the available resources. was created to address this untapped need in the Indian and Global market.

“We are confident that we would be able to provide our members with world – leading advice and insights  enabling them to successfully launch, grow and transform their business”, added Rajeev.

GrowthEnabler provides Start-ups with proven and tested growth advice and decision making tools that are easy to access and practical to use. By investing as little as  $97 (per month), wantepreneurs and entrepreneurs can get direct access to some of the best minds in the business. Every GrowthEnabler advisor is certified (in the ‘GrowthEnabler Way’) and aligned with Key Decision Areas suited to their expertise, before formally advising members.

Launching its services in India, Aftab Malhotra, Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Product GrowthEnabler   said, “Our services are aligned with the key phases of development faced by Startups during their growth journey - from conceptualizing, executing, sustaining and succeeding. Our advice and mentoring is specific and personalized to the key decisions and business activities required for success.

“We intend to create a paradigm shift in the industry. We will be the ‘go-to’ community for anyone seeking Growth Advice, Mentoring and Insights on business and personal growth. Anyone and everyone, in the world of business, will recognise and respect GrowthEnabler as a credible and democratic brand”, added Aftab Malhotra

Elaborating on the technology, Lars Lin Villebaek, Chief Technology Officer and Head of User Experience, GrowthEnabler said, “The technology that has been used is extremely user friendly. The uniqueness of GrowthEnabler is to allow our members to have access to global advisors anytime and anywhere. Using their mobile device, our members will have the freedom to interact directly with their chosen growth advisors at any given time.”

We will be launching the GrowthEnabler mobile app very soon, enabling our members to have seamless access to game-changing content and advisors.” added Lars

GrowthEnabler is committed to making its services accessible and available to every Startup on the planet.  The scale of operation is Global, with presence in key cities – London, Bangalore, Palo Alto, Copenhagen and Hong Kong.

About GrowthEnabler
GrowthEnabler is an innovative technology enabled virtual Growth Advisory and Insights platform enabling Wantepreneurs, Start-ups and Small Businesses (SMB’s) to make informed decisions that lead to break-through results.

GrowthEnabler has turned ‘Business and Personal Growth ’ into a step-by-step process that ensures YOU identify what it is that makes your business grow and succeed, what is preventing you from getting there, and how to make smart decisions that allow you to overcome barriers and achieve game-changing results  - now and in the future.  

GrowthEnable delivers its Growth Advisory Services and Insights using an online platform (video + webinars) and interactive live events.

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