Thursday, February 12, 2015

Meyer launches “Perfectil”

Meyer launches “Perfectil”micro-nutrient beauty supplement to prevent Skin ageing

~Clinically approved micro-nutrient beauty supplement helps to waive off the frown lines, tighten up a wrinkly neck and get rid of those saggy cheeks, says Dermatologists~

Mumbai, February 11, 2015: Looking young is one of the things that most people want, and to solve their problems when it comes to old, dry skin, they use skin creams because they believe it is very effective in reviving the beauty and radiance of their skin. But, do they actually work upon the skin? So, what do you consider more attractive – a healthy, fit-looking person or someone who looks cosmetically enhanced? The answer lies with Meyer Organics. The company on February 11, 2015 launched their nutrient supplement, called as ‘Perfectil’ at ITC Hotel, Parel.  

World's first skin trial in France proves that, a micronutrient “Perfectil” tablet can help prevent the ageing effects on skin due to seasonal variation. In India, Meyer Organics has been licensed for introducing this micro-nutrient therapy, Perfectil, to combat the negative effects of seasonal variations on Indian population.

In India, Meyer Organics introduce the micro-nutrient supplement. The company believes that the supplement is an essential provider of ‘Vitamin C’ component to the body, which will also help the body to combat the negative effects of seasonal variations on the Indian population. Prof. Kartar Singh Lalvani, Chairman of Meyer Organics Pvt Ltd, said, “Perfectil is formulated to rejuvenate your body and slow the aging process and help you feel and function more like a young person. This can help the people feel better, look younger and improve your health. Available at an affordable cost, Perfectil is the only supplement proven to have a triple effect on face, hair and nails.”

“These supplements are not gender specific. Both men and women are eligible to consume the supplements. However, only pregnancy and lactating women and people suffering from chronic diseases should keep themselves away from these supplements,” added Prof. Lalvani.

The nutrient supplement has been a result of the clinical trial, conducted recently involving 80 healthy French women in the age-group of 35-55 years old. Two tablets of Perfectil were given once daily for four months. The volunteers were assessed before and after four months of treatment and also followed up 6 weeks after the end of the treatment. The evaluation was carried out during the winter seasons and the skin quality was measured using a high frequency ultrasound technology. “After few months of supplements intake, a person can experience improvement in his/her skin texture, marked deterioration in face wrinkles and a younger look. The positive results of this trial show that women who wish to protect their skin against the seasonal changes should consider Perfectil,” saidrenowned Dermatologist, Prof. Philippe Humbert, Head of the Department of Dermatology at the University Hospital of Besancon, Europe. Prof. Philippe is also the world renowned leading expert on skin analysis.
“Awareness is important, and having full knowledge with the advantages and disadvantages of the product that you plan to use is important so that you do not have any regrets in the future. So, if you’re looking for a face-lift in a bottle, the answer is ‘Perfectil’,” added, Prof. Philippe Humbert.
The company reportedly has plans to enter the food segment, this year itself. Similarly, the company authorities have also stated that they would be interested in conducting clinical trials in India as well. 

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