Friday, February 27, 2015

India’s first on-­‐demand home-­‐service platform, launches Mobile Apps Suite for both consumers and service providers

India,  February  24th ,2015  –Timesaverz,  India’s  leading  on-­‐demand home-­‐services  platform,  has  launched  a  suite  of  mobile  apps  catering to  both  the  Consumer as  well  as  Service  Partners. This  is  the  2nd major  announcement  from  the  group  since  it  raised  its  seed  round  in  October  2014,    

Launched  in  2013  in  Mumbai, Timesaverz  caters  to  thousands  of customers  across Mumbai and Pune  and  has  grown its  range  of  services  from  6  to  40  different categories  that’s  served  by  its  fast  expanding  network  of  1000+  service  partners.      

The  service  partner  mobile  app  is  now  installed  across  1000+  service  agents’ devices  in  the  2  cities  that  the  company  operates  in.  

Lovnish  Bhatia,  Co-­‐founder  and  COO,  said  “  It’s  a  big  day  for  the  company  and  a huge  step  towards  realizing  our  vision  of  enabling  seamless service  delivery  by  linking  in  the  two  ends  of  the market  spectrum  over  mobile.”  

While  the  consumer  mobile  app  enables  easy  booking,  tracking,  and  payment  process  for  a  range  of  home-­‐services,  including  a  wallet  option,  the  service  partner mobile  app  helps  the  service  partners   in efficient  delivery  of  service.  From  getting  job  alerts  in  their  locality  over  the  app  to  recording  the  time  taken  to complete the  job, tracking  the  consumer’s  address  to  getting  a  peer  rating,  the  app  is  now  a powerful  tool  in  the  hands  of  the  service  partners  to  organize  and  improve their  job  prospects.

Says  Rajesh  Sawhney,  Founder  of  GSF  Accelerator  and  leading  seed  investor  in  Timesaverz,  “Timesaverz’s  vision  is  to  enable  one  million  service  providers  with its  mobile  app  suite.  With  this  mobile  app  suite,  Timesaverz  will  be  able  to  serve  a  huge  market  of  service  providers  spread  over  hundreds  of  cities  across  the nation.  Going  mobile  will  help  Timesaverz  to  now  expand  quickly  into  other  cities.” 

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