Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Continental announces the Launch of New Premium Car Tyres

Continental Tyre launch
From Left to Right-Mr. Prashant Kumar, Director Marketing & Sales - PLT, Continental India Limited, Nikolai Setzer,Member of Executive board and Head of Tire Division, Continental India,Mr. António Lopes de Seabra,Executive Vice Presidentof Continental Business Unit Replacement Asia Pacific, Dr. Dalibor KALINA, Vice President Marketing and Sales, Business Unit PLT Asia-Pacific

From Left to Right-Mr. Prashant Kumar,Nikolai Setzer, Continental India,Mr. António Lopes de Seabra
From Left to Right-Mr. Prashant Kumar,Nikolai Setzer, Continental India,Mr. António Lopes de Seabra

Nikolai Setzer,Member of Executive board and Head of Tire Division, Continental India
Nikolai Setzer,Member of Executive board and Head of Tire Division, Continental India

Continental announces the Launch of New
Premium Car Tyres in India with Local Production

  • Production capacity for 800,000  PLT tyre units is part of the growth strategy Vision 2025
  • Continental starts production and distribution of premium passenger car tyres in India
  • Dealer network with more than 425 outlets including more than 30 Aligned Branded Shops across India supported by Pan India Sales & Customer Service organisation

Hanover, Germany/Mumbai, India - 19th November 2014: The leading international tyre manufacturer and automotive supplier Continental AG has launched the newly developed “ContiMaxContact MC5” & “ContiComfortContact CC5” premium passenger car tyre lines in the Indian market. The tyre lines have been designed with German engineering and technology while keeping in view the evolving performance requirements of Indian consumers and with a focus on maximizing safety and comfort. Continental has established a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for PLT tyres at its existing tyre plant at Modipuram with an initial capacity of 800,000 tyres p.a. with further expansion potential.

“Continental is known for both its German Engineering and high technological expertise in the production of high performance tyres globally which is confirmed by its significant presence in the Original Equipment business for the premium passenger cars and a high share in the replacement market, too. Investing into production capacities is part of our global strategy Vision 2025 to further improve our global manufacturing footprint and expand business in growing markets, such as India. All together Continental has invested more than two billion EUR into the construction of new production facilities like f.e. in Russia, China and the US alongside to the extension of the existing plants since 2011. Now we are more than happy to present our production facility in India for radial car tyres”, says Executive Board member Nikolai Setzer who is in charge of the Division Tires.
Targeting high efficiency right from the start Continental brought experienced staff from some of its international production sites to India in order to train local staff on handling the new machinery and production techniques. Also, more than 100 local employees were sent abroad to various international production sites in Germany, Romania, China and Malaysia for comprehensive training in radial car tyre production and technology.

“It is a great occasion for us to launch our new tyre lines “Conti Max Contact MC5” & “Conti Comfort Contact CC5” in India which is a market with promising future growth potential. The new tyre lines have been especially designed for the Asia Pacific region and are further customized for delivering the required performance to Indian car drivers. Manufactured in our Indian plant and distributed through our Indian market organization, these new tyre lines will help Continental become a partner of choice for both the tyre replacement and Original Equipment business,” states Antonio Lopes Seabra, Executive Vice-President and Head of the Business Unit Replacement Asia Pacific for PLT tyres at Continental.

“The profile of passenger cars in India is changing rapidly in parallel to the continuous introduction of new models and upgraded variants by global car manufacturers. In line with that also the requirements of tyre performance characteristics are increasing. Based on our technological leadership approach we are aiming to fully meet these challenges and deliver premium products which are also delivering premium performance. The design of the new MC5 & CC5 is based on deep market study, advanced engineering and intense testing at our Global R&D Center”, remarks Edwin Goudswaard, Director Research & Development, Business Unit Replacement Asia-Pacific PLT at Continental.

The annually volume of the Indian PLT tyre replacement market currently is estimated at around 14 million tyres and is expected to grow up to more than 30 million tyres by 2025 while the premium tyre segment represents a share of about 28% of the total Indian replacement market volume. Continental’s new premium tyre lines are targeting performance demanding premium customers across all passenger car and SUV segments from compact to executive vehicles. The Company has already established a strong dealer network of more than 425 dealers with around 30 aligned branded shops that spread across all major cities. The network is being further expanded to make sure its high performance products and services are available across the whole country.

The Conti Comfort Contact CC5 is dedicated to the compact & mid-sized segment of passenger cars. The product is made by using advanced silica compound technology that lowers the rolling resistance which improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The product differentiates with noise breaker from silent tread pattern groove technology, optimized compound stiffness while the tread pattern design has chamfered lateral grooves with an asymmetrical pattern rib. The product is characterized by a very low road noise, the leading braking performance on wet and dry surface, and one of the most comfortable drives in its class.

The Conti Max Contact MC5 is dedicated to the high end mid-size & executive segment of passenger cars. The tyre contains German Engineering with characteristic features like an asymmetrical tread pattern, chamfered blocks, new activated silica compound technology, and an innovative design for low noise, vibration and harshness performance – the so called noise breaker. These features ensure that the tyre delivers excellent high speed handling and best braking performance under wet and dry conditions as well as a low noise level, high grip and maximum comfort.

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