Wednesday, September 10, 2014

FIAPO announces India for Animals 2014

FIAPO announces India for Animals 2014, a national conference for protection of animals

Jaipur, 10 September 2014: Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) has announced its 3rd edition of India for Animals 2014 (IFA2014) in association with The Dogs Trust and Compassion in World Farming. IFA2014, India’s largest conference for animal protection, will be held in Clarkes Amer, Jaipur starting 12 to 14 September 2014.

A large number of national and international leaders of animal protection will be present on a single platform, including Padma Shri Norma Alvares, Padma Bhushan D.R. Mehta, Dr. Chinny Krishna, Anthony "Ace" Bourke, Clarissa Baldwin, Philip Lymbery, Les Ward, Christine Townend, among others to participate in discussions, workshops, panels and small-group breakouts. Such interaction will give an opportunity to delegates to share and collaborate on strategies to protect animals.

Norma Alvares, Chairperson, FIAPO said; “Taking another step towards making this world a better place for animals and recognizing their importance in the society. IFA 2014 is our effort to provide a much needed platform to the community working towards the cause in India.”

The participatory sessions will be for innovation in animal protection, issue based group discussions on common problem and solutions, among others. While Ace Bourke will give a talk on ‘The Lives We Save’, Norma Alvares will give an update on ‘Animal Protection in India’ from the FIAPO’s Chair. The other talks will include: the Status of Animal in India, Improving the lives of Dogs, a discussion on captive elephants in India and a panel discussion on Making India Rabies Free.

A large number of workshops have also been earmarked at the IFA 2014. Some of the topics are:

Ø      Animal Care, First Aid, Rescue and Handling
Ø      Building and Running a Successful Animal Protection Organisation and learning to manage volunteers 
Ø      Communication: Writing, Speaking, Photographing our message and utilizing social media
Ø      Education, Outreach and Making Animal Protection Count
Ø      Fundraising for Animals
Ø      Holy Cows in Gaushalas
Ø      Impacting Animal Experiments through Ethics Committees
Ø      Improving your Adoption Programme

FIAPO invites all individuals interested in associating with the cause of animal protection and welfare. 

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