Tuesday, September 2, 2014

~ Ajit Balakrishnan and Manak Singh unveiled author Anil Goel’s Exit Point~

Leadstart Publishing and Crossword Bookstore hosted the book launch event of ‘Exit Point’ by author Anil Goel. The book was unveiled by Ajit Balakrishnan, Founder and CEO of Rediff.com and Manak Singh, Co-Creator of ASCENT  at Crossword bookstores.

The evening was quiet and peaceful affair as the book was launched and author shared his experience and details about the book.  Said Anil Goel “The book is a tech thriller that keeps the reader clueless about the murderer till the end. The book has a series of events which slowly coincide and takes the story to an exciting end .I am sure readers will like the book and it keep them enthralled.”

Ajit Balakrishnan, Founder and CEO of Rediff.com said “I am a big fan of thriller and mystery books; Exit Point is a well written book and justice has been done to all characters and events. I would like to congratulate Mr. Anil Goel for writing such a captivating book”.

Manak Singh, Co-Creator of ASCENT said” I would like to congratulate Mr. Anil Goel on his book launch. The first book by him was very well written and I am sure readers will like this book also.  I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.”

Mr. Swarup Nanda, CEO, Leadstart Publishing said “We at Leadstart are happy to associate with Mr Anil Goel. He is a very well thought writer and does justice to all his characters and story. We would like to thank Ajit Balakrishnan and Manak Singh for being the part of event.”

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