Tuesday, August 26, 2014

500 Bikers Roared at Jantar Mantar

Delhi Bikers Open Arms

- 500 Bikers Roared at Jantar Mantar in support of Delhi Police

New Delhi, August 24, 2014: How many times have you seen a biker hugging a policeman? How many times have you seen a biker thanking him for his diligence, instead of racing away? Today, the 24th of August, the Biker Fraternity did the impossible.
In a one-of-its-kind ride initiated by Bikers for Good, a Motorcycle Community that rides solely for social causes, more than 15 Biking clubs from Delhi came together to send out a message of appreciation and respect for the Delhi Police.

Commenting on the idea behind the ride, Mohit Ahuja, Founder of Bikers for Good said, “The public is there to protest and criticize the police when they fail to do something. We planned this ride to thank them for taking care of the city, through thick and thin.”

The ride saw close to 500 bikers riding to Jantar Mantar riding bikes ranging from 100cc to 1000cc and above. Together the bikers gave a message of responsibility towards safer roads. The admin of Bikers for Good, Jeet Kandhari quoted, “Biking today is growing. Motorcycle Clubs have members who are students, doctors, CEOs and even higher. Doing something like this will only help us better terms between bikers and the police.”

The bikers gathered to thank Delhi Police and Delhi Traffic Police for their efforts. A huge banner with the club logos was put up, where bikers wrote their messages for the Delhi Police. This banner was later presented to Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh, S.H.O., Parliament Street, Delhi. Moreover, Bikers were seen hugging Delhi Police personnel and carrying placards that read FREE HUGS FOR DELHI POLICE.

With this ride, Bikers for Good marked another milestone in its journey of doing GOOD. The only community in India to ride solely for Social Causes, Bikers for Good promotes safety amongst bikers and stands up for various social causes. In less than 3 years of its existence, Bikers for Good has grown to be a 5000 member community across India, helping out more than 3 Lakh people. It is said that with great power comes great responsibility and Bikers for Good is living up to the statement.

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