Sunday, June 29, 2014

RGC keen on investing 1 crore on Online Portal

RK keen on investing 1 Crore for
Online Portal Ideas Those who are passionate about starting their own online portal business & have the best innovative idea/ ideas for the same can participate in the ‘Online Portal Business Idea Contest’ for free. Participants just have to convince Rudra Group of Companies in believing in their online portal business concept by sharing their innovative idea via email - and their applications would then be reviewed and filtered. The online portal business idea is a hero, so participants should sell it well, depending on the idea they would be selected for sharing the Business Plan.

Mr. Rajesh Kaithwas
Rudra Group of Companies
There is a huge difference in pitching an idea to other investors and Rudra Group of Companies as the criteria is not verifying company’s excellent financial performance, but verifying the innovation of the business concept. RGC is not looking for potential on high returns, signs of growth, debt repayment plan, sufficient current assets, or a clear exit opportunity but for talent with ideas, passion and commitment who have ideally done something big when failure or rejection was constant on a small or large scale. Participants can be an entrepreneur, an employee, a student, an educated unemployed or even an uneducated lay man with an innovative idea for online portal business backed up with a detailed business.
We are willing to invest in an innovative & feasible business plan. There is no such financial constraint if we feel it’s worth it. As we always kept emotions above economics, principles above profit, and values above wealth and conscience above corporation. Setting up the operation from scratch was the hardest task. At the beginning, it took some time to get distributors and vendors to believe that what we were doing was serious and had potential. Being the 1st generation entrepreneur was not an easy task, family, relatives & even closest friends weren’t surefooted on my business plan hence didn’t invest. But I was focused and even prepared for the hurdles. Thinking of these setbacks feel like motivating the young lot to start their business with lesser hurdles” says Mr. Rajesh Kaithwas - Chairman, Rudra Group of Companies.
Why participate?
 The best 15 online portal business ideas gets a chance to present their detailed business plan inclusive of the investment cost in front of the top management of Rudra Group of Companies
 Top management of Rudra Group of Companies would further review & filter the best 3 online portal business plans  3 best online portal business ideas would get a chance to setup their own business even if their investment cost be in the range of 1Lakh to 1Crore  In short, 3 best online portal ideas can discover 3 online portal entrepreneurs
The deadline for this contest is on July 15th, 2014. Entrepreneurs with breakthrough business ideas are encouraged to work on their business plans and consider entering next fall, when the contest opens again.
The biggest hurdle of going from idea to implementation is simply a lack of clearly defined vision and goals. Leaders who cannot define what they want to accomplish can hardly expect others to understand their strategy and participate in their projects with any level of meaningful contribution. Take this first small step to begin your journey towards success. For more information stay updated on

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