Thursday, May 29, 2014

Take Care Of Elderly Parents While Staying Away!

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Take Care Of Elderly Parents While Staying Away!
·         From emotional support to health check-ups and from diet counseling to critical care, HealthCare at Home provides all services that parents need in the absence of their children
·         Services are cost-effective and safe as the homecare service provider hires staff after thorough background checks
Many children move abroad or out of cities to pursue their dreams, sometimes never to return. What they leave behind are their parents who are too reluctant to abandon their homeland. With ageing parents, their health and look after become the prime concerns for children. Homecare services like that of HealthCare at Home (HCAH) can sort these worries out. The best is the safety they provide.

In the absence of their children, dealing with loneliness is a major challenge for the elderly. Coping up with the emotional stress is the most challenging thing for the elderly. HCAH offers counseling services that can help your ageing parents deal with the stressful situation,” says Dr Gaurav Thukral, Head Medical Services, HCAH.

The homecare service provider also gives comprehensive health check-up at home. Blood tests, tests for cervical & breast cancer, ECG test, urine test, among others, all are conducted in the private setting of home. The HCAH staff even collects samples from the doorstep, providing ample relief to older people.

For the first time, services have been launched in India by HCAH under which pure tone audiometry ear check up could be performed at home. Apart from this, HCAH also provides dental and eye check up at home with the aim to simplify and ease the lives of the older lot.
Stepping out of home is a big challenge for older people. So even if they have some joint pain, back pain or spondylitis, they bear that rather than taking the physiotherapy sessions. The physiotherapy at home service of HCAH is a solution to this.

“Under the service, all kinds of physiotherapy treatments are provided at home. With the help of HCAH’s portable device, our physiotherapists are able to manage all the exercises in which machinery intervention is required. If your parents are ailing or have some health issue, then HCAH’s treatment services ranging from cancer care, to post operative care and from critical care to cardiac care can be of great help. Our treatments are led by doctor’s prescription. So the doctor has complete control over the treatment,” says Dr Gaurav.

The nurses are adept at dealing with any kind of situation. The data of the patient is captured and shared with the doctor in real time. The health update is then shared by HCAH with the family members, providing them enough relief.
Parents hardly care about their diet, when lonely. To fix that, children can seek the nutritional support counseling of HCAH. Under this service, HCAH dietician tells the importance of diet, repercussions of missing food and not eating right. A chart is prepared by the dietician as per the person’s requirement.

The healthcare associates of HCAH also provide awareness sessions. They tell the elderly about how to stock their medicines, how to prepare an emergency kit, where to keep emergency numbers, whom to approach in case of emergency, among others. They also extend information on how to make home environment more congenial by making floors skid-resistant and by making security arrangements more stringent. They are also given first responder training to handle emergency situations. Besides, first aid training is also imparted to them.

Besides, all the service providers of HCAH, including nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists and medical staff, are very reliable. They are hired after thorough background checks. The services are very cost effective and do not dig a big hole in pockets.

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