Friday, May 16, 2014

Movie review – Xpose

Movie review – Xpose    **

Xpose tries to expose the other face of Hindi film industry, a face which is full of deceit, jealousy, rivalry, desires and scandals. On one front it exposes how strugglers try to rise in the film industry and on other side it exposes the immoral and illegal actions of successful persons to keep their dominance alive. The biggest attraction of this film is its music which has been composed by Himesh Reshammiya, who is also the hero of this film.
The story is set in the glamorous era of 1960’s of Hindi films. Xpose tells the story of two rival actresses Chandni (Zoya Afroz) & Zara (Sonali Raut). Chandni is a successful actress while as Zara is yet a struggler. Smitten by charm and limelight of the film industry, Zara has no issues in crossing limits to achieve stardom. The plot gains momentum when films of both the actresses are going to release simultaneously.
Chandni’s film ‘Reena Mera Naam’ rocks at the box-office while as ‘Ujjwal Nirmal Sheetal’ starring Zara fails no-matter that the failure has been plotted the rival party.  Actor Ravi Kumar (Himesh Reshammiya), who is the hero of ‘Ujjwal Nirmal Sheetal’ finds out that his rivals are in a bid to spoil his film career by selling off his film’s tickets at cheaper price to give impression to public that the film is a dud. But before he can do anything to revive the film’s fate, Zara gets murdered in the post award- ceremony party. After her death, ‘Ujjwal Nirmal Sheetal’ paces ahead and breaks records at the box-office.
Being an ex-cop Ravi Kumar starts his own investigations into the murder of Zara. In a twisted manner, the killers confess their crime in the court and get punished. But Ravi Kumar hides one fact regarding Zara’s murder because it is connected to his personal life. What is it? One has to watch the film to know about this.
Xpose excels on musical front as the songs are soothing enough to make one feel good.  Cat-fight of Chandni and Zara in the party is an appealing moment of the film. The film has been well shot but it looks over-dramatic. Also, the reel life and the real life of the characters in the film looks same due to which the film loses its authenticity. Overall the movie is worth seeing.

Producer:            Vipin Reshammiya
Director:              Anant Narayan Mahadevan

Himesh Reshammiya,
 Zoya Afroz,
 Sonali Raut,
Honey Singh

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