Saturday, February 8, 2014

93.5 Red FM’s 3rd edition of Mumbai Ke Asli Heroes takes off RJ Rishi Kapoor meets the Mumbai Firemen

93.5 Red FM’s 3rd edition of Mumbai Ke Asli Heroes takes off
RJ Rishi Kapoor meets the Mumbai Firemen

Mumbai, 7th February 2014 – Synonymous with the bright red truck and the emergency siren bell, Mumbai is always in safe hands thanks to the Fire Brigade marshals. 93.5 Red FM in its 3rd edition of the popular initiative, “Mumbai ke Asli Heroes” has recognized them as the real heroes of the city. RJ Rishi Kapoor met the Mumbai Fire Brigade marshals at the Wadala fire station today.

The fire brigade personnel in Mumbai work relentlessly to keep this city up and running, and often make valiant efforts in doing so. It is with this in mind that 93.5 Red FM decided to honour these *heroes* by paying a visit to the fire station to see for themselves, a day in the life of a Mumbai fire marshal.

RJ Rishi Kapoor interacted with the various fire marshals, inquiring about their routine and also asking about the numerous dangers on the job. The fire marshals spoke about their routine, the various risks posed while attending a major fire call, etc; and, most importantly, several interesting anecdotes from their lives and work. They had a hearty laugh with Rishi Kapoor who was amazed at their indomitable spirit especially since they put their own lives on the line trying to save others!

Mr. Yuvraj Pawar, a Fireman who won the Gallantry Award 2008, Hotel Taj Palace Terrorist Attack, said, “ I have spent almost 22 years as a fire fighter. During the 26/11 attacks I was on duty at the Colaba fire station. We received a call from Hotel Trident and rushed immediately. Kandahar restaurant was bombed and on fire- Our team rescued around 100-150 people from there and then had to rush to the Taj Mahal Palace hotel where the horrible scenes were unfolding. We put in a PA system in place announcing to the hotel inmates not to jump from the windows since the terrorists were throwing grenades on top of our trucks. Somehow, we managed to get some people out to safety along with the army who had reached the hotel by then. I shall never forget the scenes of that night but I can say for sure that I am proud to be a part of a force that risks its lives to save others. It feels good when people come up and pat you on the back for a job well done!”

Summing up the experience, RJ Rishi Kapoor says “The lesser work our fire brigade has, the happier I and Mumbai, in general, will be! But then there are fires, and these brave fire marshals contain them – save lives. The risks, obviously, are huge. I guess the energy and positivity that we saw today helps them avert or overcome mishaps in the best possible manner. Hats off to them! “

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