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Vipul Mittra’s eagerly awaited 2nd novel- ‘The Dream Chasers’ launched by Amitabh Bachchan

Vipul Mittra’s eagerly awaited 2nd novel-  ‘The Dream Chasers’
launched by Amitabh Bachchan

Mumbai,26th September 2013:

Social commentator, Bureaucrat and Litterateur - Vipul Mitra’s  second
book – ‘The Dream Chasers’,  published by Random House, was launched
today in Mumbai by the legendary icon of Indian film industry – Shri
Amitabh Bachchan. This work follows the publication of his debut novel
– 'Pyramid of Virgin Dreams(Rupa & Co.) – which was well received and
garnered critical acclaim across the country.

‘The Dream Chasers’ is a story of six youth pursuing their MBA –
Viraat, Sandy, Karan, Mallika, Preeto and Vandana. The gang of six are
united by their carefree camaraderie and unperturbed by lecturing
professors or sermonising parents. When on their own, the boys are a
wild, reckless bunch. But when pretty Mallika - their common love - is
in their midst they instantly become arch rivals.

The protagonist in the book is the tall, sharp, slightly aloof Viraat,
but the story is as much about him as it is about his other friends.
The book explores the dreams of each one in the gang, as they breeze
through their semesters and go on to do their summer internships, and
finally look for job placements. The idyllic life on campus spent
squabbling over the prettiest girl soon shifts to the more sombre life
in the real world.

By the time his MBA is over, he not only has to contend with losing
Mallika who has given away her heart to someone else, but he also
finds that he is the biggest loser in his gang. At the crossroads of
his young life, Viraat is forced into making tough choices. He takes a
long, hard look at his predicament, and resolves that he is through
with feeling sorry for himself and bitter about his shattered dreams.
He sees the futility of his fantasies, and decides that he would much
rather be his own master than work for someone else. He also chooses
not to get distracted by romance and focuses instead on stabilising
his life. When the gang reunites briefly a year after leaving college,
other friends have had to make compromises too and discard those
dreams that are not worth chasing.

‘The Dream Chasers’ is a light hearted, coming-of-age novel that
captures the follies of youth and plays on the inherent naiveté and
rib-tickling escapades of six young lives. It also reflects on the
aspirations and emotional travails of a progressive young India that
seeks to break its mould in pursuit of its dreams. The narrative
adopts a refreshing and unpretentious approach to story-telling, so
that it appeals to audiences across age groups.

About the Author

Vipul Mittra, IAS, is Principal Secretary to the Govt of Gujarat
(Tourism, Civil Aviation & Pilgrimage). He has worked on various
assignments as member of the IAS for both State & Central Government.

His first book, 'Pyramid of Virgin Dreams' was a best-seller. His
satirical and unabashedly witty style of writing is rooted in everyday
life and holds universal appeal.

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