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Mexus Education’s Iken D&T Lab wins IDA Award - 2013 Recognition for ‘Integration of Holistic Development in Education’

Mexus Education’s Iken D&T Lab wins IDA Award - 2013

Recognition for ‘Integration of Holistic Development in Education’

cid:image001.png@01CEB3B5.4CDBF8A0MUMBAI, September 19, 2013: Mexus Education Pvt. Ltd., an education innovation enterprise announced today that its innovative solution, Iken Design & Technology Lab has won the IDA (India Didactics Association) Awards - 2013 for ‘Integration of Holistic Development in Education’.

The IDA Awards which celebrate the highest levels of contribution, excellence and achievement by companies in the field of education and training was recently held in Mumbai during The fifth edition of Annual Exhibition ‘WORLDDIDAC INDIA 2013’ & a conference on ‘ASIAN SUMMIT ON EDUCATION AND SKILLS’. For 2013, the focus of the event was on primary and vocational training. 

Mexus’s Iken Scientifica ‘Design & Technology’ Lab is a space for young students of class 4th to class 9th standard. At this Lab, they get an opportunity to think beyond textbooks and develop their creative thinking with application of academic concepts. In other words, it’s a lab where toys are textbooks and friends are teachers!     

While speaking on the occasion, Anil Goyal, Director & CEO, Mexus Education Pvt. Ltd. said, “This award serves as an excellent recognition of our persistent efforts to provide the most engaging innovative education solutions to schools across India. Our aim is to stay ahead of the curve by innovating and investing in our D&T Lab, backed up by our capable team and partners.” He added, “This recognition has ensured that we are meeting our commitment of providing unmatched experiential learning platform to students in more than 5000 schools in India.”

This year, WorldDidac India- 2013 was supported by India Didactics Association, Worlddidac Association (Switzerland), British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA- UK), and DIDACTA (Germany) which are the largest association in this segment in their respective countries.

This event is the country’s largest and only ‘annual exhibition’ event where education and training professionals from all parts of the globe meet, evaluate and demonstrate a comprehensive range of educational & training products and services.

About Mexus Education

Mexus Education is an education innovations enterprise of the Bilakhia Group founded in 2008.

The company believes in experiential learning that goes beyond school text books. It engages a student in the fascinating process of exploration, experience and extrapolation. This re-invented experience of learning is accomplished with specially designed products which facilitate active participation by the students. The various innovative content sources include films, graphic novels, games and hands-on kits that are a fusion of entertainment and education.

Today, Mexus touches more than 16,00,000 students in 5500+ schools across all Indian states and 17 operational countries in South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Canada. The company is ambitiously working towards their mission to be the world’s leading education innovations enterprise by 2020.

For further details, please visit - Mexus Education

About iKen Scientifica Design & Technology Lab

In the fast changing world learning is evolving more than ever. It has become necessary to exposes children to self-learning, problem handling, critical thinking and problem solving early on. The need to engage the learner is all the more necessary to hold their interest and attention. Experiential learning adds a new dimension to the process of thinking and learning and brings about playfulness to learning.

Mexus Education has created this novel program in Design, Technology, Science and Innovation to foster critical thinking and problem solving abilities in students. The program stresses on experiential learning which helps students to establish connections and build on what they know or have learned in an engaging educational environment. Experiential learning involves a, 'direct' encounter with the phenomena being studied rather than merely thinking about the encounter, or only considering the possibility of doing something about it. It is 'education that occurs as a direct participation in the events of life'.

At D&T Lab, learners are encouraged and helped to learn and develop in their own ways, using methods which they find most comfortable and therefore enjoyable. By developing people as individuals - we develop people's confidence, self-esteem, personal strengths, and crucially a rounded sense of purpose and fulfillment which fundamentally improves attitude, life-balance and emotional well-being. These immensely important outcomes are just as important for sustainable productive work and a healthy society as the essential skills and knowledge typically represented in conventional education and training.

About WorldDidac India

WorldDidac India is the Country’s Largest and only Event where education & training professionals from all parts of the globe can see, evaluate and demonstrate a comprehensive range of educational & training products and services.

About WorldDidac

WorldDidac is the global trade association for companies providing products for education and training at all levels. It is a globally operating organization in this business sector.

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