Saturday, August 10, 2013

Marathi Movie “HELLO…NANDAN”

Marathi Movie “HELLO…NANDAN”
Nock Nock Entertainment , producer Kalpesh Jain’s Marathi Film “Hello ….Nandan’s
Shooting was recently held in Green city Pune. The film is directed by Rahul Jadhav, written by
Sourabh Bhave , Music by Amit Raaj. It Stars son of Mahesh Kothare Mr. Adinaath Kothare ,
‘Arjun ‘Marathi serials Fem Mrunal Kulkarni .
On the occasion Mr. Rahul Jadhav said “After a movie “Vijay aso” Hello..Nandan is thriller
Movie.The story is about “If a Mobile Have lost?? Now day’s mobile is the most priority of
everyone’s life. If there is no Mobile we feel uncomfortable but from that concept thriller comes
into the movie this is the story about “HELLO…NANDAN”
After “Zapatlela 2” expectations’ of Aadinath Kothare is much higher from Public. He knew
about this so he was searching for new and a diverse role and he got the opportunity to play as
NANDAN in Hello…..Nandan. “Got a different and challenging role to play I am happy with it
“said Aadinath Kothare.
“Entering from small screen to big screen is very challenging and I am happy with it, it’s very
pleasant experience to play a role on big screen “said Mrunal Kulkarani on the occasion.

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