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A path-breaking experiment in Education by IMC LADIES’ WING for MCGM and privileged school teachers

Training the Trainer, the Gandhian way

A path-breaking experiment in Education by IMC LADIES’ WING for MCGM and privileged school teachers
June 29, 2013, Mumbai: Gandhian follower, author of `Nine Hidden Gems’, Ms. Kumkum Somani and celebrated designer illustrator from the National Institute of Design, Ms. Zainab Tambawalla, kicked off the IMC Ladies’ Wing Event calendar for 2013-14 to a flying start. These two stalwarts conducted the first in a series of two workshops for 80 MCGM and 30 teachers from different `privileged’ schools, organised by the IMC Ladies’ Wing at Indian Merchants’ Chamber Hall, Churchgate, Mumbai, on June 29, 2013.
Welcoming the teachers, Ms. Leena Vaidya, the new President of the Ladies’ Wing of IMC for 2013-14, said, “It gives me great pleasure to begin my tenure on a Gandhian note. Today’s children are tomorrow’s strength. To imbibe correct values in them is the greatest need of the hour. Mahatma Gandhi laid down a body of ideas and principles that are an inspiration with a vision to lead a quality life.”
The workshop based on Gandhian ideologies was aimed to instill the same in the teachers present, in a lively and creative manner so as to pass them on to the children in schools. Explaining the motive behind such experiments, Ms. Tambawalla said, "We started with these path-breaking workshops to generate and experiment with innovative ideas, which would make teaching easy and more fun. Nowadays we are so used to the `readymade culture' that we have forgotten the joy and creativity in working with waste material lying in abundance around us. Our workshop is aimed at showing teachers how everyday little items like used paper cups, old newspapers, magazines, discarded brown paper bags, cloth “chindis” can be put to use in a manner that exercises the brain and enhances creativity." The workshop dwelled on removing the fear of drawing from the minds of the teachers and a audio role play on the theme of the `Dandi March'.
Expressing her love and joy of working with children, Ms. Somani, an ardent follower of the Mahatma said, "Children's minds are like sponges. Eager little minds that are curious and eager to learn. My book `Nine Hidden Gems' is based on Gandhian principles so as to instill the right values and virtues in them at a very young age and lay a solid foundation for a brighter future."
Apart from teachers of MCGM schools, the workshop also saw teachers from iCathedral & John Connon School, Ryan International, J.B. Petit High School, G. D. Somani School and Saifee Nursery, participating in the workshop.

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