Wednesday, April 17, 2013



Banner      -     RAVE MEDIA

Producer   -     Naina and Ravi Bhatia 

Director    -     Ravi Bhatia

Cast          - Master Ronak Bhatia , Ansh Sinha ,Ravi Bhatia

                  Mushtaq Khan,Krush Deboo,Devindar Madan,
                  Trilok Kapoor,Meenu Sharma,Amit k. Srivastava
                    Yogesh Tripathi,Dolly Mitra,Meenu Sharma
                    Himashu Bhachen Himanshu Jhunjhunwala
                  Ashwini Kale Bhumika Pael Paresh Shukla
                    Parshwa Parikh A.K. Mishra Dilip Chaukikar
                    Ishika Borah Rajendra Soni Naresh Chandel Shalini

ASST-DIRECTOR -Ajay ,Tarun Dahiya ,Neha Mehta


SOUND STUDIO       - Sangeet Studio 


ASST-PRODUCTION        - Bala ,Rajesh kumar

SPOT-BOY                     - Raghu,Kiran,Badshah

LYRICS                           - Tinka Tinka

SINGER                       -  Sanjay Mishra 

MUSIC DIRECTOR        - Santosh Anand

EDITOR                         - Shankar Regar

ASST-EDITOR              -  Veera naidu,Deepak gupta


Idea Behind the story

It is currently an absolute smart way to involve children with children as a mode of
celebration along with education during the vacation .So, 2 little Indians a complete
entertainment film is all set to release on 19th April 2013 across India. Today’s children
live a much tough life as compared to our parents & grand-parents; the routine life
they follow is much challenging. So, the director cum writer Mr. Ravi Bhatia has
given fantastic treatment to the movie keeping in mind the taste and touch of the
children. Children’s movie does not necessarily mean something which is animated or
stereotypes it has full action, love, fun, and planks as the 2 little heroes Master Rohit &
Ronak did on screen.
It will not only motivate the brave children of 2013 but also will drive them to a new
world of challenge and champ...
Their acting and dramatic appearance is sure to blow the heart of the audience of any
age group. The film that is made for children should attract parents first and that was
the ambition of our director. Army or any arm force is always been a pride of a country
in terms of holding and saving a nation. Thus this movie portrays the importance of
those army man upon whom we rely and their importance in our day to day life. So,
there’s always a question left behind any story- r u ready to save our nation when we
need people like you???? A patriotic message oriented film with a nationalistic value
shall hit all the small and big screens which is the only hope now when the time is
knocking at the door to release this film.

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