Friday, February 1, 2013



Mumbai, January 28, 2013: 

Pureit, World’s largest selling range of water purifier* brand from Hindustan Unilever Limited, has launched Pureit Marvella UV- premium  UV technology based water purifier that combines aesthetics with convenience at a great price. Featuring an ‘Advanced Alert System,’ the Pureit Marvella UV is India’s most technologically superior UV water purifier. 

Many Indian households prefer UV water purifiers. But most of the current UV devices have no storage features, are bulky or demand daily attention. Pureit Marvella UV is the optimum combination of superior water purification technology, in-built storage, and greater convenience due to its compact form. The added benefit of a 15 day advanced alert system notifies users to replace the carbon filter guaranteeing safe drinking water along with peace of mind. 

Commenting on the launch Mr. Badri Narayanan, GM Water, Hindustan Unilever said “Pureit has made great strides in revolutionizing water purification, combining innovative technologies with unique consumer benefits, ensuring safe drinking water for millions of consumers. 

With Pureit Marvella UV, we take our first step into the premium UV water purifier segment, and guarantee an unparalleled set of features coupled with a beautiful design which will instantly appeal to consumers who not only want safe drinking water but also a purifier that goes a step further as an aesthetically appealing device that they can proudly display in their kitchen.” 

Pureit Marvella UV comes with a variety of benefits:Advanced Alert System -

– it warns consumers 15 days prior to the day when the purifying power of the device is over so that a new Germkill Kit can be ordered in advance High Intensity UV lamp 
–  powered by a 11 Watt UV lamp Pureit Marvella UV removes  1 crore virus from 1 liter of waterLarge 4 litre storage 
– ensures you always have purified water at your disposalAuto Shut-off 
– ensures you don’t drink unsafe water everCompact and Sleek Design 
– occupies less space and the aesthetic looks of the device enhance the look of your kitchenNo AMC 
– Pay as per use only thereby leading to significant savings over the life of your purifier Priced at Rs. 7,990/- Pureit Marvella UV is available at all leading consumer durable and household appliance retails outlets across India. Each Pureit device contains a unique advanced ‘Auto shut-off’ and meets the stringent germ kill criteria of Environmental Protection Agency (US) for removal of harmful bacteria and viruses.  Pureit now has multiple variants in its portfolio namely:  

Pureit Intella 12 litres, Pureit Classic 14 litres, Pureit Classic 23 litres, Pureit Auto Fill 23 litres, Pureit Marvella OGT, Pureit Marvella RO and Pureit Advanced 23 litres ranging from Rs. 900 and Rs. 13,500 

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