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Volvo Cars introduces V40 Cross Country Petrol at INR 27 Lac

Volvo Cars introduces V40 Cross Country Petrol at INR 27 Lac
(Ex-showroom Mumbai without Octroi)

Tomas Ernberg, MD, Volvo Auto India at the launch of V40 Cross Country Petrol in Mumbai

Mumbai, 20th April 2015: Volvo Auto India today announced the launch of the petrol variant of V40 Cross Country in India. The V40 Cross Country, India's most appreciated cross country vehicle since its launch in 2013, will now provide customers a more economical driving option.

The new petrol variant of V40 Cross Country continues to offer luxury, features and style in a compact package. The new Cross Country petrol variant will be available in T4 Engine, 1.6 GDTi 4 Cylinder, 6 Speed Automatic transmissions with class-leading 180HP and a whopping 240Nm torque. The GTDi (Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection) concept would offer really low fuel consumption without compromising on performance or driving pleasure.

Priced at Rs. 27 Lacs (Ex-showroom, Mumbai without Octroi) the Volvo V40 Cross Country will be retailed through Volvo dealerships across the country starting today.The new Volvo V40 Cross Country is a unique blend of capable ruggedness and expressive elegance up to a new altitude by establishing a Cross Country in the Premium C-segment. 

Tomas Ernberg, Managing Director, Volvo Auto India said,"We are excited to bring the petrol variant of V40 Cross Country to India. Buoyed by the growing acceptance of V40 Cross Country since June 2013 when we launched it here, we have now decided to bring in the petrol variant at a very competitive pricing in order to increase our reach further. I believe our customers would be enthralled with this new car.”

Currently V40 Cross Country is the only car in India by Volvo Cars that is available in both the versions, in diesel and petrol. It continues to keep the brand promise of World-Class safety.


The new Cross Country petrol variant will be available with class-leading 180HP and a whopping 240Nm torque. The new GTDi engines have a compact format and are made entirely from die-cast aluminum, which gives low weight and good heat-dissipation capability. These are some of the requirements for good energy efficiency. The fuel injection system has been refined so that combustion can be regulated with extreme precision, each injector centrally above the piston beside the spark plug. This gives particularly uniform and finely atomised fuel distribution. In order to minimise petrol consumption and emissions, the fuel must be utilised as efficiently as possible.


The all-new Volvo V40 has received the top rating of five stars in the Euro NCAP collision test. The overall result is the best ever recorded by the institute.


·         TFT Crystal Display – Thin Film Transistor (TFT) is the latest technology user in monitors and televisions. You can choose from 3 graphic display themes “Elegance (Amberish), ECO (Greenish), and Performance (Sporty Reddish)”. The driving modes transform the interactive dashboard, monitor your driving, and assist you in maintaining optimization and not to mention the mood.
·         Electronic Climate Control (ECC)
·         Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) – Personalisable levels of steering assist
·         Park Assist Rear
·         Park Assist Camera- preparaton – Camera uses electronics to reduce “Fish Eye “effect. Image seen in screen is as natural as possible (with guiding lines). The petrol version comes with preparation for Rear Camera which can be fitted as an accessory
·         Start-Stop Technology – At halts when the gear is in neutral, the engine is turned off automatically and restarts as soon as you accelerate. It reduces CO2 emissions by upto 8% and increases mileage.
·         Engine Brake Energy Regeneration – Transferring energy smartly. Whenever the accelerator or brake is released while a gear is engaged, the braking energy is fed back to the battery. It reduces load of the alternator, saves fuel and lowers emission.
·         Personal Car Communicator with Keyless entry and drive – Has an operational range of 100 metres for functions controlled by remote and up to 20 metres for remote lock functions.
·         World-class audio experience – This car has a High Performance 4x45W amplifier with 8 loudspeakers. With a single CD player and MP3 decoder, one can also control the audio system from their steering wheels.


·         Exteriors
o    Daytime Running LED
o    Cross Country styled front bumper and skid plate
o    High Gloss black accents on side mirrors, side décor and boot frame.
o    Matt black honeycomb styled grille with Chrome garnish.
o    Distinctive Stain Silver front & rear skid plates
o    16” Geminus Alloy Wheels

·         Interiors
o    Interior Air Quality System – restricts harmful pollen from entering the cabin
o    Sculpted X-Shape Design Seats
o    A choice of 2-tone or single tone leather interior
o    Frameless Rearview Mirror gives an edge to your postmodern side. It’s unique function dims bright head lights coming from behind you to improve your visibility.


·         Laser Assisted Automatic Braking - City Safety up to 50 km/hr –  This laser based feature senses emergency situations beforehand and pre-charges the brakes to increase the impact of braking or even deploys the brakes if in case they aren’t timely applied.
·         Dynamic Stability & Traction Control (DSTC) –It helps the driver to keep the car under control by averting scenarios such as spinouts, fishtails and roll overs.  DSTC enabled with a gyroscope, senses a potential skid and counters this by reducing the engine’s power output or braking on one or more wheels.
·         Intelligent Driver Information System (IDIS) – On road distractions are omnipresent and can easily turn a normal situation into a critical one. IDIS constantly monitors your driving and delays secondary information from the car or one of its onboard systems – such as the GSM phone- when it detects intense steering, braking or acceleration. Once it senses a return to normalcy, it displays the withheld information.
·         Turn-with Steering Lights (ABL) – Now for every curve see what lies ahead. The Active Bending headlights with Dual Xenon technology expand your vision range by about 230% that gives you 150 feet more for braking. And using motorized lamps that turn up to 15 degrees in either direction, your vision gets a 90% boost around bends at night. A daytime sensor disengages the adaptive function during daytime to extend its lifespan.


·         Side Impact Protection System – SIPS rapidly swings into action in the event of a side impact. It reduces the effect of the crash by taking away the impact from the occupants and distributing it to the body of the car. Also, the dual chamber side airbags spring up instantly to cocoon the occupant’s chest and hip, while the discharged inflatable curtain (IC) protects the heads of both front and rear outboard occupants.
·         Whiplash Protection – In case of a rear impact, WHIPS operates by cradling the front occupant to severely reduce neck injuries. The WHIPS equipped seat is outfitted with a metal piece that absorbs the energy from the collision and moves together with the occupant, while the headrest reclines to further lessen the effect of the crash.
·         Driver Knee Airbag – When it comes to safety we have all angles covered. The driver knee airbag is a newly fitted safety feature that immediately swings into action in the event of a collision. This protects the knee and also acts as a considerable cushioning system to the upper shin of the leg. It is installed in the dashboard above the pedals and deployed together with the other airbags in the event of a frontal collision.
·         Safety Cage – The Patented safety cage with high usage of Boron Steel is one of the best in the industry when it comes to withstanding impact.

Volvo Auto India
Swedish luxury carmaker Volvo Auto India (VAI) established its presence in India in 2007 and has since then, worked intensively to market the Swedish brand in this country. Volvo Cars currently markets products through its dealerships in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, Vishakhapatnam and Pune. Soon the cars will be seen in West Delhi and Kolkata with a new dealership opening there.

The company sells five luxury models.
Volvo S80 – An exquisitely elegant saloon
Volvo S60 – A sporty sedan
Volvo XC60 – A technologically advanced compact luxury SUV, apt for Indian roads
Volvo V40 Cross Country – The adventurous cross country
Volvo XC90 - A 7-seater luxury SUV which is sturdy and apt for Indian families

Volvo’s Brand Philosophy
‘Designed Around You’ is the brands translation of going an extra mile to understand customers better. This human-centric approach enables Volvo Cars to know the pulse of the customers and gauge what they desire in a product. With this thought the brand places the customer at the heart of its design. Every Volvo car boasts of cutting-edge technology with engineering that is executed around human values.

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