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Swiss Precision + Advanced Cellular Research =Skin Perfection

Mumbai, April 8, 2015Freeze time with the BelleWave range of high-performance skincare products. Made in Switzerland, BelleWave™ products use finest blend of vitamins and natural botanical ingredients that stimulate energy and balance, insuring a rapid and spectacular improvement in the appearance and feel of the skin and body silhouette. BelleWave™ formulations maintain the health and vitality of the skin cells and preserve the overall youthful appearance of skin.

Revolutionary in approach, our team of dermatologists and biochemists continually strive to create the most precise blend of biologically active ingredients in the most luxurious texture to ensure that each of our products treats the skin with care. The breakthroughs we have achieved include the extraction of cultured stem cells from a rare species of apple for use in our formulation, and the use of advanced encapsulation technology for time-release of ingredients into the skin.

WhiteWave Gentle Cleansing Milk

This milky emulsion refreshes, soothes and purifies the skin with blend of Mulberry Root extract, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C.  It removes all traces of make-up, dull cells and impurities, gently but thoroughly, leaving the skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Rs 1800 for 200 ml

WhiteWave Soft Exfoliating Emulsion- Scrub

The WhiteWave Soft Exfoliating Emulsion scrub gently sloughs off dead skin cells and impurities without harming the skin. Its Lactic Acid stimulates superficial cell growth while Vitamin E prevents damage due to UVA and UVB radiation. This product is exceptionally good for retaining moisture in very dry skin and evens out fine wrinkles while improving the skin’s texture and firmness. 

Rs 1800 for 100 ml

ClearWave Deep Cleansing Milk

An astringent plus makeup remover, it helps clear and prevent blemishes and tighten pores. It contains Mushroom and Algae extracts along with Peppermint Essential Oil to enhance the skin's firmness.

Rs 1800 for 200 ml

EyeWave Super Eye Line Preventor Eye Contour Cream

A multi-tasking eye creme designed to rejuvenate the eye area, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. It counters signs of aging with lasting benefits. Its lightweight texture absorbs easily while hydrating, firming and soothing the delicate eye area.

Rs 1000 for 15 ml


Lift away those lines with Bellewave’s restorative range, GlamorWave. If you think premature and sagging skin, lack of elasticity, dehydrated, dull, sun damage and wrinkles are all accompaniments to the aging process, then you need an affirmation that a youthful complexion is achievable. Look no further. Protective actives are on hand to ensure deliciously pliable skin, and effortless elasticity.

Prepare yourself for intense moisturization with deeply penetrating infusions that make you realize your supple aspirations in no time.

GlamorWave Cream Renewal

GlamorWave Cream Renewal works on the flaky skin surface, loosening the bonds that hold dead, worn-out cells that form daily on the skin’s surface. It helps normalize the process of skin renewal and stimulates skin’s turnover rate by naturally shedding these dead surface cells. Repeated use also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves dry and rough skin and promotes a more even skin tone. A newer, smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin is revealed.

Rs. 2200 for 35 ml

GlamorWave Stem-Cellogist™ Youth Complex

The Stem-CellogistTM Youth Complex comes with fast acting firming and plumping effects in the skin via the innovation of ExpressLaxTM. The neuro-action brings a new approach to fight expression wrinkles by acting at the post-synaptic pathway along the Neuromuscular Junction. Designed according to highest Molecular Modelling Technique standards, ExpressLaxTM offers skin the chance to turn back time.

The survival secrets of tough-living ancient plants captured in our proprietary formulation intensifies skin’s protection from age and pollution today. AlToughTM and Chapparal both have existed and replicated on Earth for more than 10,000 years. Their precious essences help to stop skin’s biological clock and form a protective bubble around skin, shielding it from external aggressors, such as toxins, chemicals and smog found in pollution. Experience more than improvements in tonicity, firmness and radiance, feel skin surge with youth and vitality, as ancient secrets are unlocked.

Rs. 2000 for 10 ml

GlamorWave Stem-Cellogist TX™ TeloBoost Vital Water – Toner

The GlamorWave Stem- Cellogist TX™ TeloBoost Vital Water works to revitalise, calm and tone the skin after cleansing, leaving it purified with a luxurious glow. It combines Stem-Cellogist™, a technology which reduces wrinkles and fine lines and Planktonomics™ Extract that helps prevent blemishes and infuses the skin with critical moisture.

Rs 1500 for 140 ml

About BelleWave

BelleWave Cosmetics is a subsidiary of Singapore-based Global Vantage Innovative Group (GVig), a leading provider of beauty and wellness solutions in South-East Asia.

In August 2013, premier wellness brand VLCC acquired a majority controlling stake in GVig owns and operates three companies - BelleWave Cosmetics, Celblos Dermal Research Centre, and Enavose Life Science Research that manufacture and retail worldwide a complete range of globally reputed beauty and wellness products and solutions.

Quality-made in Switzerland, GVig subsidiary BelleWave Cosmetics markets superior lines of professional skincare products, namely BelleWave™ and SkinMTX™, and has a presence in 10 countries - Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and Korea. Distributed through more than 2,500 high-end beauty salons and spas, Bellewave™ is the No. 2 brand in the professional skin care industry in Vietnam according to a recent independent Brand Awareness survey involving over 800 agents.

The BelleWave™ product range includes WhiteWave™, GlamorWave™, ClearWave™, HydroWave™ and EyeWave™.

About VLCC Group

VLCC is widely recognized in India and abroad for its holistic, scientific and completely natural weight-management practices and therapeutic beauty solutions addressing the mind and body. Today, operations spanning over 300 locations in 132 cities and a presence across 21 countries, with nearly 6,000 employees, and over 10 million satisfied customers, VLCC: 

§  Manages the largest chain of Slimming, Beauty & Fitness Centres across Asia;
§  Runs Asia’s largest network of vocational education academies in Beauty & Nutrition;

§  Manufactures in Switzerland and the company’s plants in India and Singapore a comprehensive range of skin-care, hair-care and body-care products under the VLCC Natural Sciences™, SkinMTX™, BelleWave™ and Enavose™ brands, which are not only used as consumables in treatments and therapies at all VLCC Wellness Centers globally but is also retailed through nearly 100,000 outlets across South Asia, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and South East Asia; and

§  Has direct, company managed operations in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Kenya. 

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