Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A marketing professional debuts as an author with his romantic thriller fiction

You may first perceive this as a romantic boy-meets-girl story. But it does not take long before the story takes the reader on a ride full of thrills, twists and turns. That’s Love, Job or Country for you! This new book – a romantic thriller – is the debut novel of the Ahmedabad-based Marketer – Rohit Agarwal. It was first launched in Ahmedabad and has hit stands across the nation now. This rather unique plot interconnects its two protagonists from entirely different background with their priority of Love , Job or Country interestingly. The underlying layers of the story slowly capture the readers’ imagination and soon turns the plot compelling and the book unputdownable .
Author Rohit Agarwal on the launch of the book: “It’s a pleasure to see that this book, once a dream-based notion, has now seen the light of day”.
There was a time when book writing was largely considered as the domain of highly intellectual part of the society. The highly literature-oriented of the society showed concern and interest in book writing. But today, those dynamics have shifted drastically. With many young and contemporary authors from Marketing and Management backgrounds, taking up book writing as their full-time career. Even the top-most jobholders are seen leaving their lucrative jobs only to pursue their passion for writing.
Top-most professionals like Rohit Agarwal who once initiated their careers in corporate or army or banking are coming forward with their fresh writing styles - setting up a new trend. This trend has especially caught on after movies and TV serials, based on these stories, have successfully added all new glamour element to book writing. This trend is here to stay and it brings all the focus on the untamed talent across professions, geographies and age brackets.
The author of Love, Job or Country, Rohit Agarwal, also belongs to the same brigade of writers.
This book, with its gripping story and exciting characters connects really well with its readers. The anticipation in the plot and underlying layers makes it compelling to read. The book has rightly received a lot of appreciation from various verticals across media and film industry, making it a must-read.
About the Author:                                                                                                      
Rohit Agarwal, the author of Love, Job or Country, dons other hats too apart from that of an author. As a professional Marketer, he has had the experience of working for 15 rich years at the mid-management level in an Ahmedabad-based textile company. Rohit has been an extensive traveller both within and outside the country. As an avid reader, he has always been thrilled on reading exciting plots and stories. Rohit is a resident of Ahmedabad and he currently resides with his family there.
About the Book:                                                                                                         
Love, job or country is a thriller about patriotism, love and profession. The story reveals the fine line between fact and fiction by fusing two creatively and credibly with help of extensive research. Avinash and Chetan are the two protagonists in the story. The plot shows Avinash as a marketing professional who is on a trip to Bangladesh. His friend and love interest, Tamanna, asks him to collect a gift for her uncle. However, during an accident, the gift is torn and soiled. Avinash returns to Ahmedabad but decides not to give the gift to Tamanna out of embarrassment of its condition.
As the story unfolds, Avinash discovers a coded letter in the gift from Tamanna’s uncle. This leaves him confused as he strongly smells a dangerous conspiracy being hatched underneath. He courageously report this to police and they direct him to Chetan who has recently shifted from Colombo to Ahmedabad as station head of R & AW.T he plot thickens as Chetan engage Avinash as his source to unearth the deadly plan.The deepening love between Avinash and Tamanna coincides with urgent but restrained efforts by Chetan to stop the intimidating conspiracy seen as a threat to the country.
This racy and compelling romantic thriller interestingly captures the alliance between Avinash’s Love, Job and Country.
About the Publisher:
Leadstart Publishing is a leading publishing house from India. Our focus is both creative and progressive. We feature distinguished authors and writing from across the globe. Our authors, editorial teams, and books, have won accolades and critical praise for their work at both national and international levels. Several Leadstart authors have won major literary prizes such as the Sahitya Akademi Award, Vodafone Crossword Awards, various State literary awards and the Jnanpith Award, as well as regularly being long listed for other awards including the Man Asian Literary Prize.

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