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Indian vodka toasts success at SIP awards

Indian vodka toasts success at SIP awards

Mumbai: July, 2014:After proving to be Indian consumers’ real delight, the widely popular Indian-made brand invincible vodka has been chosen for highly acclaimed Spirits International Prestige (SIP) awards by connoisseurs of spirits. The SIP award winning is no small achievement for an Indian company as the SIP awards are given to the crackerjack brands  at what is touted as the world’s biggest spirits award competition wherein hundreds of established and up-and-coming brands from across the world vie with each other to bag the top honor’s.

Mere mention of vodka conjures up the image of vodka made and bottled in Russia. But, Octaga Green Power and Sugar Industries’ product Invincible Vodka is the only Indian brand to have wowed the consumers and connoisseurs alike and garnered two prestigious awards at SIP competition which saw the participation of more than 400 brands from every length and breadth of the world.Into its sixth edition, the SIP Awards extravaganza was held at the luxurious St. Regis Monarch Beach, located along thepristine shores of the Pacific Ocean in Dana Point, California.

 At the fiercely-fought SIP awards competition, the company’s top seller Invincible has really proved invincible among the hundreds of spirited participants   and has won 2 medals. It got a Gold medal for slick packaging design and Silver medal in vodka tasting. This was real crowning glory for the company which cornered a large chunk of share in vodka segment over a period of time.  The company’s accomplishment is very significant even as the established players continue to jostle for space in the market and this year’s competition proved to be an even greater challenge for each of the 403 spirits competing for the coveted SIP Medals awarded to the top consumer’s spirit of choice! The SIP Awards is the only international spirits competition levelling the playing field for established brands and start-ups alike by turning consumers as connoisseurs.

 Though hundreds of brands enter the SIP competition which of late is attracting the world-wide attention, only the brands which notch up top scores receive the coveted awards. In fact, the judging this year was increasingly critical as over 21% of the brands entered did not qualify for any type of accolade.Moderately priced at Rs. 800, Invincible Vodka currently has a strong presence in three States - Maharashtra, Goa and Daman. As the product is a big hit with vodka lovers in these three States, the company is ramping up operations and will be shortly entering Delhi, Punjab, and Puducherry as well. The company’s USP is its brand’s quality. In terms of quality its brands are at par with absolute but at price they are competing with Smirnoff.

Basab Paul-Biography

Basab Paul
Octaga Green

Call him man with a Midas touch or a gentleman to the core, Paul’s business juggernaut will roll on, come what may.
Basab Paul, soon after getting himself armed with Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA in 1993, began his maiden stint with Krupp Industries, only to work, later, with giant automobile makers like Volvo and Nissan in sales segment besides in few reputed engineering firms.

 On the sidelines, while working with these industries, Paul developed streaks of entrepreneurship and a burning desire to do something different and daring. Always inquisitive and innovative, he bust a nut on a alcohol project and thus born Octagaga Green Power and Sugar Industries in Kolhapur district in Maharashtra state in 2002. This state-of the-art project is the offshoot of perfect blending of power, sugar and alcohol sectors.

The 3-in-1 plant comprising a 40k litre per day distillery with rectified spirit, extra neutral alcohol and absolute alcohol production from molasses and multi-grains, a 17.5 MW  co-generation power plant for renewable energy from agriculture waste and a 3000TCD sugar unit.Having emerged as a entrepreneur, he is endowed with a creative vision and a desire to achieve that vision. As the competition is intense in every field of business, Paul always clamoured for innovative things to weather any storm that he may encounter in his pursuit of excellence and accomplishments.

With green issues always dear to him, Paul ensured that their company has first of its kind zero net pollution plant with a carbon and water positive footprint. In their bid to maintain clean ecological balance, Paul, the head honcho of the company, is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact program to promote environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business practices.Paul, who always clamoured for doing innovative things in a impeccable manner, was instrumental in designing and crafting his company’s Invincible vodka which cornered the coveted Gold and silver medals at SIP awards 2014 in California, USA.

Though this is not an small achievement by any measure, Paul, suave and soft-spoken is endowed lots of skills and ingenuity to create new ventures equipped with strategies to outsmart the competition.SIP awards 2014 in California, USA.

Though this is not an small achievement by any measure, Paul, suave and soft-spoken is endowed lots of skills and ingenuity to create new ventures equipped with strategies to outsmart the competition.With the swift passage of time, Paul began exploring opportunities for joint ventures and tie-ups with foreign multinationals, seeking a foothold in the developing Indian lifestyle, alcohol, spirits,perfume, hotel, restaurant and night club markets.  
Roaring success of his first venture has not stopped Paul from foraying into new fields and reach out to wider sections of consumers. The unflinching  zeal and zest in Paul spurred him to step into lifestyle, leisure, hotels and eating joints segments which cater to the needs of chic circles. Result? Savannah Leisure Pvt Ltd/ Savannah Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd/ Savannah Phoenix Lifestyle Pvt Ltd emerged on Paul’s growing horizon. The night clubs under the brand name Vie created ripples in Mumbai and Pune as these have added some more zing to throbbing night life in these two metropolis.
 Another associate, Eskimo (Vie India PvtLtd ) is into the modeling world, outsourcing the local and international talent to the showbiz world. In retail segment,Concord Brands(India) Pvt Ltd markets the international luxury fashion designer brands ‘Ted Lapidus and Air & Co which are hugely patronized by the hip circles across 9 cities in India.
Juggling between various businesses, Paul snaps up time to share and care for the human feelings and emotions. As a true human being first, and businessman later, Paul is not insouciant to the human sufferings. Besides being associated with a string of business and trade organizations, he is thick into the philanthrophic activity.
Known for his liberal bent of mind, Paul extends liberal aid and assistance to institutions involved in health and medical care, water provision, education, places of worship etc.

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