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Launches 155cc motorcycle ‘GIXXER’ as flagship model
Enters 110cc scooter segment with ‘LET’S’
Mumbai, January 27, 2014: Suzuki Motorcycle India Limited (SMIL), a subsidiary of one of the
world’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan, today unveiled two
new products – a 155cc motorcycle ‘Gixxer’ and a 110cc scooter ‘Let’s’.
Gixxer is Suzuki’s flagship model for the Indian market, boasting a pioneering style &
sophisticated appearance, combined with exceptional riding performance and the best fuel
economy in its class, for the Indian market. Suzuki Gixxer was unveiled by actor Salman Khan,
who has been associated with Suzuki Motorcycles as the brand endorser.
The scooter Let’s is an offering directed at the urban youth looking for styling, economy and
practicality. Suzuki’s launch of the scooter ‘Let’s’ was also an opportunity to introduce the
vivacious Parineeti Chopra as their new brand ambassador.
According to Mr. Atul Gupta, Executive Vice President, SMIL, “Suzuki is keen on providing products
for the Indian customer at every price point. The new products will give a refreshing experience
and will simultaneously be evocative of the Suzuki legacy of Value Packed Products. We expect
both the Gixxer and Let’s to create a strong foothold for themselves in the market.”
Commenting on Suzuki’s brand endorsers, Mr. Atul Gupta added, “Salman Khan’s association with
the brand has been long-standing and successful. Parineeti Chopra is the fresh, young vivacious
face that connects with Indian youth and their quest for freedom and new expression. We are
privileged to have her represent the brand and connect to young India.”
SEP (Suzuki Eco Performance) is an engine technology which boasts top-class fuel efficiency
without compromising power and performance. The engineers at Suzuki, with their vast
experience and racing heritage have developed this revolutionary new cutting edge technology
which is achieved by reducing all kinds of mechanical losses, efficient design of every
component and attention to detail in our manufacturing process. This has allowed us to achieve
the best of both worlds – economy and performance.
Come and experience freedom with the stylish new Suzuki Let’s which is practical, light and fast.
On the Let’s, live every moment with energy and a promise of something special every corner.
Powered by a light, compact, fuel efficient 110cc engine with cutting edge
technology – delivering a class leading 63 Kmpl* and pick up. It has the stylish looks for riders
seeking fun from a two-wheeler, while also giving a healthy dose of practicality like the cut away
floor boards for easy handling, the versatility and convenience from the twist and go engine
makes it a stylish scooter for work or pleasure. Let’s Karte hain!
The Suzuki Let’s is available in 5 interesting colours – Pearl Mira Red, Metallic Triton Blue, Pearl
Mirage White, Glass Sparkle Black & Metallic Sonic Silver.
(*Under Suzuki test conditions)
Experience Suzuki’s flagship new 155cc motorcycle which is packed with style and performance.
The GIXXER’s punchy engine and chassis was developed by the engineers who designed the
legendary GSX-R series. The Suzuki GIXXER is a sporty motorcycle with a functional beauty
combining edgy styling and performance with an exhilarating and sporty ride. Complemented by a
light and stiff frame for sporty handling the engineers at Suzuki have developed a powerful new
engine with cutting edge technology, which gives an exceptional running
performance with a broad low-end torque and dynamic mid-range power for strong acceleration.
Loaded with exciting equipment, immense power and ease of handling, the GIXXER is an
invitation to ride!
Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan
wherein they have the same manufacturing philosophy of VALUE PACKED PRODUCTS right from
the inception. SMIL manufactures two-wheelers best suited for the valuable Indian customers.
The Company started its India operation in February, 2006.

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