Thursday, July 5, 2018


~ The Premium Mattress Manufacturer Will Showcase New Products at Annual Trade Show in Mumbai ~
Mumbai, July 04, 2018:  Visitors attended the 7th annual edition of the HGH Trade Show on 4th had the chance to check out Springfit’s 2018 mattress collection and lookbook, which was unveiled by Bollywood sensation Sophie Choudhry.
Springfit has associated with the all-rounder celebrity for the grand launch of its all-new lookbook and new mattress collection. On this occasion, Sophie has shared her personal experience using Springfit mattress with viewers visitors and media at the Springfit booth and discuss the benefits of quality sleep. She also talked about how 6 hours of complete sleep helps her stay fit, active and energetic, despite a hectic schedule that keeps her on her feet all day.
Springfit representatives were present at Hall #1 of the Bombay Exhibition Centre between 3rd and 5th July. The company invites consumers to drop by its exhibit booth any time from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm during the three-day trade show. Visitors are also encouraged to check out the one-of-a-kind lookbook, designed to help them explore product details and specifications through carefully curated pictures and content.
Besides the exhibition at HGH India, Springfit is also educating consumers on sleep-related topics through social media posts, emails and online chat available through the website. These are covering everything from how to choose the correct mattress, sleep in the best position, and cope with sleep disorders, to various other issues regarding mattresses and healthy sleep.
Springfit mattresses are available in all sizes and thicknesses, while customizable mattresses are also available. The company recently introduced its pocket-friendly ProActiv Series in addition to the existing luxury product line, and this was very well-received in the Indian market. According to Mr. S. K. Malhotra, Sales Director at Springfit, this is pure because of commitment to quality, affordability and prompt service.
He says, “Philosophy of the company is to provide customers with a good mattress, which is not just luxurious but also steady, supportive, comfortable, amazing-looking and pocket-friendly. Material selection is the most time-consuming procedure since we strive to maintain the highest standards and never use any sub-standard material. Right from production to delivery, the quality is being checked at every step before the finished product is finally delivered to dealers. At Springfit, we do not compromise on quality!”

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