Friday, October 2, 2015

"Bheem Is Bling"

·         Show: A special show“Bheem Is Bling” airs on the POGO channel, where Akshay will be drawing parallels between his character in the film and Chhota Bheem – both equally loved by the kids across the country. In this show, Akshay will share similarities of his character and Bheem – being saviours of their village’s pride and culture, both showing a responsible and caring nature, always ready to protect their land and people, and having a unique style of their own. The two most loved local superheroes of India have already stolen a million hearts and now Akshay Kumar will enhance it further in this special.
·         Channel: featured on POGO exclusively
·         Time & Date: to be, airing on 4th  October at 12 noon

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