Friday, May 23, 2014

Restylane Vital Comes to Aid of Women This Summer

Restylane Vital Comes to Aid of Women This Summer
·       When women lose glow due to scorching heat in summer, skinboosterscan help them get the radiance back in no time
Dr Abhay Talathi, Dermatologist, SkinSpace Clinic, Goregaon, Mumbai

With the onset of summer, comes a plethora of skin problems. Of all, losing glow due to tanning is a major cause of concern for women. The sunburns steal the radiance that is too dear to them. In the sweltering heat, the moisture content in the skin starts depleting.

To maintain the glow, girls do all sorts of things --cleansing, toning and moisturizing being the most common. Repeating the procedures every other dayor on a weekly basis becomes a challenging task as the results are not long lasting. Sparing time from hectic schedule to visit parlors to get the glow back is also another difficulty women face.

But when women long for a glowy look, sticking to strict beauty regimes is not possible, mostly for many. So is there any way they can get the glow they crave for without spending too much time?

Yes, there is and that too in just 15-20 minutes through Restylane Vital skinboosters, a Hyaluronic acid-based gel. When injected into the upper layers of the skin, the skinbooster deeply hydrates and nourishes it. Hyaluronic acid gel is implanted into the outer layers of the skin using microinjections and it works naturally to hydrate the skin from within, making the skin look youthful.
Exposure to sun results in wrinkles too and signs of ageing start appearing early on women’s face. Women even in their early 20’s and 30’s face this problem. Restylane can come to your aid here too.

The dermal filler replenishes the lost reserves of moisture, collagen and fat which not only makes women look younger, but also more radiant and bright. It improves skin tone by restoring hydro balance and increasing skin elasticity.

The best part of using Restylane treatment is that the effect lasts for up to a year. This could be a big sigh of relief for those who find it difficult to spare some time for a parlor visit.

So, the next time you want your glow back as quickly as in 15 minutes, just think of a session with Restylane and then relax for year.

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